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Comment: Good answer! Fraud is their main source of profit? (Score 2) 27

by Futurepower(R) (#47737357) Attached to: Oregon Sues Oracle For "Abysmal" Healthcare Website
Good answer: "... the Oregon attorney general doesn't have the technical ability to prove the fraud and lies. The state has already proven they don't understand what they're doing."

Also, Oracle has been through this perhaps thousands of times. Apparently the major profit center for companies like Oracle is being late and more expensive than predicted. For example, see this quote from the book, Heuristics and Biases: The Psychology of Intuitive Judgment:

"... a recent General Accounting Office report on U.S. military equipment procurement concluded that only 1% of major military purchases involving high technology were delivered on time and on budget."

That book says the problem is due to a sociological mistake. My understanding is that it is entirely intended, a way of making money from the largely hidden military purchases of the U.S. government. For the U.S. government, killing people is an enormous, extremely profitable business.

Comment: Khan Academy isn't smart. (Score 1) 76

by Animats (#47737305) Attached to: It's Dumb To Tell Kids They're Smart

Khan Academy isn't smart. I watched one of their "courses" on moments of inertia. It's a colored etch-a-sketch of someone writing, with voiceovers. There were major factual errors and wrong signs. It's low-budget content with no proofreading or editing. Subjecting kids to that is just wrong.

If we're going to have have massive online courses, the quality needs to come up to at least History Channel level.

Comment: Re:Waaah. (Score 1) 214

by squiggleslash (#47735793) Attached to: New EU Rules Will Limit Vacuum Cleaners To 1600W

Electric kettles sell poorly here, and when I got here - though this changed around five years later - it was exceptionally difficult to find an automatic kettle (one that shuts off when the water starts boiling.)

And yeah, they do seem to take longer, though it's too early in the morning for me to figure out why, my sleeping head is thinking the halved voltage should mean double the amps through the element for the same wattage, making it hotter. (Or is that the problem, and as a result US heating elements need to have a lower resistance for the same wattage, and thus don't output as much heat?)

Comment: Re:Same people as...? (Score 3, Interesting) 49

by Guy Harris (#47735207) Attached to: Virtual Machine Brings X86 Linux Apps To ARMv7 Devices

I wonder if they are some of the same people as these (reading about theiur team it does not sound unlikely):

Well, that link speaks of people from Elbrus, and this page from Eltechs' web site says "The MCST Binary Translation Team has 200+ man-year experience in developing binary translators. They implemented a number of x86 to e2k (a Russian CPU)". The "e2k" is probably the Elbrus 2000, for which they implemented an x86-to-native binary translator. The MCST (Moscow Center of SPARC Technologies) referred to by the Elbrus 2000 page is probably the same MCST referred to by the Eltechs page.

So, yes, probably the same people.

Comment: Cell phones with non-replaceable batteries? (Score 4, Insightful) 119

by Futurepower(R) (#47734115) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Where Can I Find Good Replacement Batteries?
An even bigger issue than buying replacement batteries is replacing batteries in cell phones that are said to have batteries that aren't replaceable.

It shocks me that companies can be so hostile to their customers as to force them to buy new cell phones after the inevitable degradation of the batteries.

Comment: Re:Actually, it does ! (Score 1) 365

by Dogtanian (#47733779) Attached to: Would Scottish Independence Mean the End of UK's Nuclear Arsenal?

I mean, what does the Italian-Chinese community have to do with it?!

holy hell batman, you just triple-downed on his racism. impressive :)

Well... not really. It just came across- or so it seemed originally- as a bad hybrid of stock cliche Italian and Chinese accents (which may well be considered racist now, but it's not like *I* was the one doing them! Mind you, we can't blame Jeremiah Cornelius for that either, at least not in intent- his only crime was being very bad at Scottish accents :-) ).

On reflection, though, it's *not* actually that much like Chinese at all- not even the most offensively stereotyped version- and it only looked cod-Italian because of the vowel at the end of "need(a)"- not sure how that's even incorrectly reminiscent of a Scottish accent!

Now that I think about it, I'm not sure *what* the fsck it *does* resemble, to be honest.... oh yeah, a very bad Scots accent. :-)

Comment: Re:sorry (Score 1) 172

I'm sorry that such hell holes persist in 21st century USA, but that has nothing to do with my comment. We have fiber criss-crossing the entire state, including the remotest northern towns. Yes, the money may have originated primarily from the cities, but it's being spent statewide. And we have impoverished areas, But public money can only pull fibers just so far. We can't drag one up every driveway in the state.

If you want to fix your state, start by voting to raise taxes by an order of magnitude across rich and poor alike. If you're always led by selfish people who won't ever raise taxes, nothing will continue to happen.

Comment: For 3rd party batteries, I've had good luck with (Score 5, Interesting) 119

by aussersterne (#47733373) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Where Can I Find Good Replacement Batteries?

Anker products.

As you note, the problem with batteries is there's just so much undifferentiable import crap. Lots of it has fancy packaging.

Anker is no doubt trafficking in generics as well, but they do have their own design department (even goods like their Qi chargers that are made out of glass and metal have logos embedded in them and don't look like everyone else's generics) and when I posted a lukewarm review on Amazon ("Seems to work, nothing impressive, but good that it works.") about a phone battery, a rep with native English contacted me immediately and asked if there was anything they could do or offer to improve my experience from lukewarm to stellar.

So that at least is indicative of a company that cares. Note that I don't work for Anker, but since that experience (the phone battery was my first purchase of their products) I've purchased a number of subsequent products and none of them performed more poorly than the original OEM equipment, so that's at least something in this world of mostly fake batteries.

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