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Comment Re:Speaking as an actual developer ... (Score 0, Flamebait) 263 263

Yeah, they do it this way because they can't just kill that application ;) Unlike Android when you leave an application it dies in iOS. Yes they added "multitasking server/client support" but how many apps already do this? Don't confuse elegance with pure necessity.
Lord of the Rings

Lord of the Rings Online To Go Free-To-Play 138 138

darkwing_bmf sends word of Turbine's announcement that Lord of the Rings Online will become a free-to-play game this fall. 'The move is another validation of the free-to-play business model, where gamers can play for free and pay real money for virtual goods such as better weapons or decorative gear for their game characters. The business model has been popular in Asia but only recently took off in the US. This move shows the pressure is building on game publishers to shift to the new business model or face declining audiences.' According to a post on the official website, LotRO's micro-transaction system will be "very similar" to how Turbine's DDO store works, and current subscribers will maintain all of their privileges.

EU Conducts Test Flights To Assess Impact of Volcanic Ash On Aircraft 410 410

chrb writes "As we discussed on Friday, the eruption of Eyjafjallajökull in Iceland has led to flights being canceled across the EU. With travel chaos ensuing and the airlines losing an estimated $200 million per day, EU authorities are coming under increasing pressure to re-open the airways. Test flights conducted on Saturday were apparently successful, with no problems encountered during flight. Following the test flights, Peter Hartman, CEO of KLM, said, 'We hope to receive permission as soon as possible after that to start up our operation and to transport our passengers to their destinations.' Evidence possibly opposing this move comes from the Finnish Defense Forces, which released photos and a statement after F-18 Hornets flew through the ash cloud, saying, 'Based on the pictures, it was discovered that even short flights in ash dust may cause significant damage to an airplane's engine.' Is it safe to resume flights so soon, or should planes remain grounded until the ash cloud has dissipated?"

Comment Re:Apple's activity is criminal here, Palm's is le (Score 2, Insightful) 656 656

The last time I messed with an iPod it was not possible to directly copy a music file and play it. I had to use iTunes on windows or MacOS (or a barely working hack on *nix) to copy the file.

Rockbox solved that problem for me, no more bullshit ipod database

Comment Re:It will never happen (Score 1) 567 567

>>>it's all the overhead it takes to support the roadways.

Supporting railways has FAR more overhead. Laying the rails for one thing, and maintaining them. Second there's the lost time of having people standing-around waiting for the damn train. My boss spend 1.5 hours on his train commute; I only take 45 minutes. Waiting time == non-productive time. And finally because there's no station anywhere near most people homes (I have to walk an hour to get to my station), you have to figure out how to get the people to the train, which is even more overhead to add to the trains' cost.

If trains were a priority his 1.5 hour amount of time spent would be reduced. This argument is moot it is essentially the chicken in the egg. If we never build the infrastructure you end up with a broken system like ours where BART only services ~20 (if that) stops instead of the whole bay area. Secondly, he has the potential to work on the train. I hope for the sake of the other drivers you aren't working while you are racing along the highway. Over time your 45 minutes and his 1.5 hours would converge and he would have more time to work (if that is your priority). Lets ignore the difference in stress riding a train/shuttle and driving yourself. I ride a shuttle for 2 hours a day and I think if I had to drive in the traffic out here day in and day out I would go insane! Instead I work, read books or even sleep during that time. Wasted time is just completely incorrect. I won't even go into how ridiculous it is to compare your boss's commute to yours, what about the people that live right next to the train station?


Can We Abandon Confidentiality For Google Apps? 480 480

An anonymous reader writes "I provide IT services for medium-sized medical and law practices. Lately I have been getting a lot of feedback from doctors and lawyers who use gmail at home and believe that they can run a significant portion of their practice IT on Google Apps. From a support standpoint, I'd be happy to chuck mail/calendar service management into the bin and let them run with gmail, but for these businesses, there is significant legal liability associated with the confidentiality of their communications and records (e.g., HIPAA). For those with high-profile celebrity clients, simply telling them 'Google employees can read your stuff' will usually end the conversation right there. But for smaller practices, I often get a lot of push-back in the form of 'What's wrong with trusting Google?' and 'Google's not interested in our email/calendar.' Weighing what they see as a tiny legal risk against the promise of Free IT Stuff(TM) becomes increasingly lopsided given the clear functionality / usability / ubiquity that they experience when using Google at home. So my question to the Slashdot community is: Are they right? Is it time for me to remove the Tin Foil Hat on the subject of confidentiality and stop resisting the juggernaut that is Google? If not, what is the best way to clarify the confidentiality issues for these clients?"

Submission + - 1-800-GOOG-411 Maps It->

WillieManillie writes: "Google introduces a new feature to it's 1-800-GOOG-411 (1-800-466-4411). Goog-411 is a free sponsored driven phone directory service. The directory service is now a few months old and now offers a mapping service.

The user says "Map It" and it sends a text message to the caller's phone including details and a map link on the mobile phone."

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