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Comment: Worst Slashdot Summary ever (Score 1) 200

by cowboy76Spain (#41795525) Attached to: Google Nexus 4 Prototype Lost In a Bar

And that is quite a mark for /.

The police station was "under-siege" (in reality just some protesters and vandals in front of it) for something totally unrelated to the phone (if it is not related to the news, why post it?). And why in the world is relevant that the Apple investigator is now dead? Maybe are they suggesting that Steve Jobs killed him to cover something?

Future posts I suggest to the /. editors

  • Bloody dictator X uses a Windows 8 tablet.
  • Research discovers that Nazi Germany used phones invented in the USA.
  • Patient Awakens From Comma in Hospital located 2000 KM away from RMS home

Where is the "Delete my account" button?

Comment: Re:Why bother without IRV (Score 1) 221

by cowboy76Spain (#41750771) Attached to: Third Party Debates Moderated by Larry King: Discuss

But, IIRC, you are NOT going to vote for the president.

You are going to vote to decide for which presidential candidate your state is going to vote (I think it is called "electoral college".

Unless there is one of such votes in that electoral college, then you can use a proportional system without much problem (of course, there is always a little issue with rounding, but that is unavoidable). Or, alternatively, just elect the president by popular vote.

Comment: Re:Bad Idea (Score 1) 184

by cowboy76Spain (#41734495) Attached to: DIY Laser Cutter Raises Capital, Concerns

I see what you're saying, but look how easily you can maim yourself with any power-tool - just touch the blade while it's running.

But there is a limitation in range. Unless you actively go to your neighboor who is in front of his home and actively touch him with the tool, it is very difficult for you to harm him. But with a laser that potent you can easily harm him without moving.

Or a car: just turn the wheel 15 degrees in either direction into oncoming traffic.

I don't know about USA laws but I think that you need a licence to operate such a dangerous machinery. And DIY vehicles are not allowed in the road unless they pass a complete inspection and get registered.

Not to forget that cars serve an useful function for a great part of the population, while the utility of 40W lasers for the common user seems marginal, at best (and no, saying than "in ten years it will be different" is not a reasoning).

Could you pick some better analogies, please?

Comment: Community (Score 1) 167

by cowboy76Spain (#41679001) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: How To Get Paid For Open-Sourcing Your Work?

As other posts tell, if you want X to pay you for a work, you need to convince X that such work is interesting to him. Just saying "I want to open source it" is not going to impress anybody

An option, if the product has a functionality common enough, would be the possibility of creating a base of developers (that may add some useful functionality) and users (aka as "testers").

This can be combined with a marketing or "coolness" approach so that such company can be seen as providing something for free (don't they give free pencils?).

Comment: Re:Headline is lying... (Score 1) 72

by cowboy76Spain (#41652553) Attached to: The History of Lying With Images

Photographers? Talk about painters.

In the tomb of a Pharaoh (I think it was Rameses II), some of the painting was about his "crushing victory" in Qadesh. Turns out the "crushing victory" consisted in avoiding being crushed himself.

As long as there is a way to transmit information, there is a way of lying. News at 11.

Comment: Slavery / Oppression? (Score 1) 213

by cowboy76Spain (#41612747) Attached to: Geneticists And Economists Clash Over "Genoeconomics" Paper

Note: I do not condone slavery or appartheid as a form of politics, but it is just a theory for the results

Maybe what the researchers have found (given the history of humanity) is that in a country with several ethnics groups you can have a ruling elite that concentrates capital and act as a whole to keep their privileges, and an oppressed, cheap workforce without rights to be used as a source of "profits"

That said, anyway it probably is just a structural development; Great Britain and Germany in XIX century, and Great Britain and Japan in XX century could not have been any more homogeneous yet they did way better than said, the heterogeneous Ottoman, Austro-Hungarian and Russian empires.

Comment: Re:Just wondering... (Score 1) 405

by cowboy76Spain (#41605635) Attached to: If I was to be killed by science-fiction villains, I'd rather:

I understood that /. editors are not going to come to my house to execute me with the method I selected (why does this remember me "The meaning of life") so I will die of the usual heart attack, traffic accident, old age, etc.

So, I chose the coolest death I could think of (from an external point of view, of course).

That said, given your stance, why did you vote at all? Maybe if you hadn't voted you would have got immortality!

Comment: Re:Futility at its purest (Score 1) 282

by cowboy76Spain (#41549079) Attached to: Gold Artifact To Orbit Earth In Hope of Alien Retrieval

I think the whole point is if our time truly is meaningless, then this action doesn't hurt. We have nothing to lose, which means there is only potential to gain.

I will follow your logic and see how it scalates: If your time is truly meaningless, you should leave your job and family, go to live to the step of a granite mountain and start carving your name (or whatever inspired words you chose); this action doesn't hurt. You have nothing to lose, which means there is only potential for you to gain.

When I see someone doing things like that (ok, not exactly that, but trying to present themselves "for posterity"; look at political leaders for clues) I know that they are not doing that for posterity, but for the fuzzy warm feeling of being so "important" that the posterity "needs their words".

Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds. -- Albert Einstein