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Comment: Re:DUH. It never was yours (Score 3) 531

Logic is sound. We don't necessarily own the money we place into banks. MF Global comes to mind. Furthermore, try to take out a large amount and see what happens. Either they won't have the cash on hand (call ahead to get your money!) or you're going to have some paperwork to fill out. To, you know, prove you're not funding terrorism or something. There are limits to what one can do with one's money after it's been deposited. Using a bank, one is essentially storing money for them to use as loans, investments, what-have-you. Nothing necessarily wrong with that, banks can be a good thing but to think that one has total control over their money once it's deposited? Wishful thinking. There will be at least some hoops/questions to answer when closing out an account, withdrawing large amounts. From personal experience, trying to be vague in the explanation of "why" doesn't work so well either.

Comment: Re:Drupal Logo (Score 1) 77

by courtTheBee (#41180133) Attached to: Book Review: Drupal For Designers
Um, so what's so difficult? Create a vocabulary called "Blog Categories" and add terms. Create a content type called "Blog Post". Further customization through cTools' page manager and possibly panels and views. Theme - start with Basic or Omega. Either way, you have a working blog. What sort of documentation were you reading or are you the sort that doesn't read?

Comment: My boyfriend got a similar call... (Score 1) 473

by courtTheBee (#40109585) Attached to: When Antivirus Scammers Call the Wrong Guy

My boyfriend received one of these kinds of calls a few weeks ago and I just couldn't help but giggle in the background. He's like, a master linux sys admin and he decided to play with them a little bit as well.

The phone conversation (not verbatim):
Scammer: "We have been informed that you have malware on your computer and you need our software!"
Boyfriend: "O rly? How do you know this?"
Sc: "We are monitoring your computer and see that you have a lot of malware. You need to purchase our product to get rid of the malware!"
BF: "How are you monitoring my computer?"
Sc: "You have malware! We have your IP address!"
BF: "Well, can you tell me what my IP address is?"
Sc: " - you have malware!"
BF: *starts laughing uncontrollably*
Sc: "S-s-sir, you have malware! You need to purchase our product to save your computer! We are monitoring--"
BF: *continues laughing*
Sc: "Bu-but malware--"
BF: *hangs up phone*

Take your work seriously but never take yourself seriously; and do not take what happens either to yourself or your work seriously. -- Booth Tarkington