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Online petition to ignore Polansky

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  • I just don't have the motivation or propaganda abilities to make the Late Show with David Letterman a moral panic issue. He probably has too many apologist fans in the government and in the pulpits to make a difference anyway.

    • Don't I throw off even a hint of sarcasm here?

      • Don't I throw off even a hint of sarcasm here?

        Yeah. I'm too subtle to let on though. I guess I'm good at being bad.

        • unlametheweak (1102159) has ceased their relationship with you.

          I hope you're not lumping me with those who simply want vengeance like ol' boy in the other journal, but established procedure should apply to him the same as anybody else. Fame should make no difference. It basically is a non-story designed as a diversion. People like gossip. They are drawn to it like a car wreck. Meanwhile the government continues to run amok, and nobody's paying attention.

Get hold of portable property. -- Charles Dickens, "Great Expectations"