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Comment: Re:Until Google closes it... (Score 4, Insightful) 71

Who the fuck are you? Go die in a fire, you disrespectful worthless turd.

Next you'll be shouting web developers down for not using an automated tool like Dreamweaver, or advocating driverless cars with no manual controls. Our forefathers and our freedom are closely connected, forget one, you may as well forget the other. Long live text only devices! Long live being able to connect from anywhere, with anything, and participate based on one's intellectual prowess rather than one's socio-economic status!

Comment: Re:Go for it (Score 1) 25

by smitty_one_each (#49804255) Attached to: Survey - George W. Bush more evil than Stalin, Mao, Lenin
I'll take your lack of specific examples of bigotry, even against the dictionary definition: "intolerance toward those who hold different opinions from oneself" as an admission that you're blowing smoke. Disagreeing with "their ideas" is not "intolerance toward those".
You seem to play d_r's game of raping the language in support of Holy Progress. Or am I overlooking something?

Comment: Re:Not clear (Score 1) 6

by smitty_one_each (#49804253) Attached to: George W Bush wanted to officiate at gay wedding.
Jeb who? If the little brother somehow threads it, it won't be due to the religious right. See 2012 election, where said constituency kinda left Romney hanging in the breeze.
If you want to posit an anti-Mormon bias, that's OK. But what substantial religious qualifications does Jeb have?
tl;dr: I think this argument is weak tea, myself.
User Journal

Journal: sacrilegious bumper stickers seen today 2

Journal by Bill Dog

From my afternoon drive home today:

  • Not clever or funny:

    Dog is my co-pilot

  • Clever and funny:

    Look Busy!

p.s. About another bumper sticker I saw recently, being something like:

Don't tailgate me or I'll flick a booger on your windshield

Comment: Re:Insects (Score 1) 38

by PopeRatzo (#49803463) Attached to: First Ultraviolet Quantum Dots Shine In an LED

I have an application for this where I'm using 365 to 395 nm older style to attract bugs efficiently.

Come on, give us a few details. Are you collecting the bugs for research or are you using the lights as bait for your backyard zapper? Or are you collecting bugs to feed to your pet iguanas?

That's too tantalizing a statement for you not to tell us a little more.

Comment: Re:Go for it (Score 1) 25

by smitty_one_each (#49803161) Attached to: Survey - George W. Bush more evil than Stalin, Mao, Lenin
Can you provide a sensible definition of 'bigotry', and an example of where you think Carson and Cruz have failed to live up to your proposed standard?
The 'b' word seems to be the all-purpose kiss-off, these days. You risk evacuating it of meaning, like Tarantino did the Bigger Digger Trigger in "Django Unchained", I'm led to understand.

Comment: Re:outrageous (Score 1) 285

by PopeRatzo (#49803139) Attached to: Silk Road Founder Ross Ulbricht Sentenced To Life In Prison

So arrest and prosecute the federal agent for attempted murder. He's the one who should be in jail. Not Ulbricht.

You don't think facilitating the transaction for a hitman for a percentage of the price should be a crime?

Remember, Ulbricht got a cut of the money for every single drug transaction on Silk Road. It's as if he bought a downtown building and rented it out to drug dealers (and hit men) and got a cut for every single transaction.

I know there's a belief that the Internet is a magical place where laws should not apply, because it's digital!, but that's just not how it works.

Once it hits the fan, the only rational choice is to sweep it up, package it, and sell it as fertilizer.