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Comment: Apple = Buggy (Score 4, Insightful) 233 233

I'm not even using Apple Music and the update wiped out all the music on my iPhone. This was a long standing bug with IOS when the iPhone 6 came out, and I thought they'd finally nixed it a few months ago, but no now it's back. Meanwhile my iMac is at Apple for 10 days because of their failed 3TB iMac hardware, Argh, so I can't even synch it back on. Apple's quality has really dropped the last couple of years.

Comment: Re:IP to Phone Number (Score 1) 35 35

If this ended up violating someone the subject of a domestic violence order or something, they could be sued for some serious money. I know a woman whose details were accidentally revealed to her ex by a company, and they had to give her $10,000 even though no actual harm came of it. Now if harm HAD come of it, should could have got some serious cash.

Comment: Re: Votes mean nothing (Score 1) 121 121

This is a case of non-democracy - an executive decision by the PM. If a democracy was less executive, at the very least calling for a vote of parliament, or better yet, citizens' vote, we wouldn't have this problem. Even a citizens initiated bill like you have in California would have some hope of overturning something like this.

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