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Comment: Re:Uh, yeah! (Score 1) 426

by cosmocain (#26883815) Attached to: Facebook's New Terms of Service
i won't argue - i never stated that they are allowed to do ANYthing. But still they are seeking whays to maximize profit - as long as this doesn't collide with local laws. This is a more specific case of what i wrote not a falsification.

I'm almost too sure that facebook has a set of lawyers who evaluated if the ToS do collide with any laws in the US - and obviously they came to the conclusion that they are allowed to do what they are doing.

Comment: Re:FOXP2 (Score 2, Informative) 229

by cosmocain (#26841253) Attached to: Scientists Map Neanderthal Genome

FOXP2 is responsible for "language development" with songbirds and other animals(*), too. If your logic would be correct, birds would talk like humans - which they obviously don't. (*)

The FOXP2 protein sequence is highly conserved. Similar FOXP2 proteins can be found in songbirds, fish, and reptiles such as alligators.

see here

Comment: Erm. (Score 4, Insightful) 63

by cosmocain (#25822857) Attached to: FCC Publishes "White Spaces" Rules

The database will be established and administered by a third party, or parties, to be selected through a public notice process to solicit interested parties.

1. Such a database can't be operated at no (or low) cost.

The locations where wireless microphones are used, such as entertainment venues and for sporting events, can be registered in the database and will be protected as for other services.

2. Registering such devices will most propable cost money to keep up with the expenses needed for operating the database.
3. To save money people won't register their devices.
4. ???
5. Pro...erm... Interference.

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