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Comment: Re:Good question (Score 1) 101

because wires don't follow political boundaries

your fiber is our fiber and visa versa. it's all bound up. a message you send from Vancouver to Halifax may/ probably crosses the border into the USA

and If i am in Chicago and i send a message to Anchorage, that goes through Canada

Canadian and American data is intertwined

and our authorities coordinate and cooperate in managing that in ways that would make both Americans and Canadians uncomfortable if you don't want eyes from another jurisdiction seeing our data

Comment: Re:C++14 != C++98 (Score 1) 116

What's readable or not is relative to the context of the reader.

A lot of the features that were added, were only added once they were pretty much standard everywhere else.

I remember the first time I saw a lambda in a language... var foo = (x, y) => x * y going on there.

Of course, now that syntax or slight variations of it are everywhere, so most people will be able to read the above just fine, even if their language is choice doesn't use that exact syntax (ie: ruby). The C++ version is a little messy, but it sure as hell was needed.

Same thing can be said of most of the additions.

Comment: Re:C++ - but look at C# as well (Score 1) 116

Entity Framework being slow isn't the problem with it. The performance of an ORM only really depend on 2 things. The time it takes to do the mapping, which is trivialized by the actual queries and is really a micro-optimization, and the SQL generated.

The later is fine in almost all of the mainstream ORMs, and the only real issues come from N+1 queries, and not aggregating queries that can be by using the context and futures. ActiveRecord based ORMs have issues because of the way context vs model objects is managed but they can still handle it fine, the N+1 problem is almost always a developer thing.

The reason Entity Framework sucks is that its API is poorly documented, so short of reading the code, no one knows how to do things correctly, a lot of its features are not exposed through the tools, thus encouraging using the RAD/shitty ways of doing things, and they pulled it in all directions trying to make everyone happy, ending up with a lowest common denominator.

You can get perfectly good performance out of EF, it has all the features an ORM needs to achieve it. Its just hidden/awkward/changes all the time/forces you into writing shitty code.

Comment: Re:5% Gross is a terrible deal (Score 1) 105

by Shados (#49168781) Attached to: Unreal Engine 4 Is Now Free

Development cost for these things is still pretty close to half the whole cost. If you think making an engine from scratch is gonna cost you less than 5% (though do take in consideration the cost of learning/using the engine is, as that's not zero), go for it. Some companies still do it. Fewer and fewer though.

Comment: Re:C++ - but look at C# as well (Score 1) 116

Generally when people say compiled language, and they refer to things like Objective C and C++, they usually mean compile to as close to native code as possible. I love C#, but its fairly obvious that bytecode languages were not options this time around.

C++/Boost is their best bet.

Comment: 2 things (Score 4, Insightful) 31

First, instead of linking a page that gives you eye strain and is generally a boil on the ass of the internet, please link to the actual source, as has been pointed out before.

And second, I think this link (the one mentioned above, not the one in TFS) should go to as many leaders of state as possible, just to help them put their own imagined importance into perspective.

Comment: Re:Why? (Score 4, Informative) 105

by Opportunist (#49166779) Attached to: Unreal Engine 4 Is Now Free

I don't know. Why don't you ask the makers of these games.

Oh look. They ain't UT clones. There's a RTS. There is a survival horror game (ok, this now almost forces the "and how many survival horror games..." question). And I think over there's an Adventure game. There's a racing game in there too, go, try to find it!

Suburbia is where the developer bulldozes out the trees, then names the streets after them. -- Bill Vaughn