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by Animats (#46797717) Attached to: Beer Price Crisis On the Horizon

Here's Frank-Lin's list of products. It's alcohol, deionized water, and flavoring. That's what Frank-Lin does. These are just the brands Frank-Lin owns. They also do contract bottling for another 2,000 products. "With an annual production capability of 15 million cases and on-premise tank storage capacity in excess of 1,500,000 gallons, Frank-Lin has the facilities and expertise to efficiently handle any project".

Frank-Lin is noted for having one of the most flexible automated packaging lines in the world. They can switch from one bottle/ingredients combo to another without stopping the production line. Every product can have a unique bottle. They're next door to the bottle factory. This is what the booze industry is really like, minus the advertising hype.

  Brandy - American
        A R Morrow, Lejon, Potter's Finest Brand, Montanac Brandy

        Busnel Calvados -
        Menorval -

        1st Cru Collection
        Francious Voyer Napoleon -
        Maison Prunier
        Marthe Sepia -
        Menuet -
        Aubade & Cie.
        Francois De Lyon
        Jules Domet
        Maison Prunier

        Frank-Lin Farms

        Cafe Del Amor, Curacao Liqueur, Destinee Liqueur, Gran Citron, Grand Marquette, Holly Toddy, Jules Domet Orange Liqueur, Kona Gold Coffee Liqueur, Maraska Cherry & Pear Liqueurs, Potter's, Potter's Long Island Iced Tea, Potter's Sour Splash, Vice Rei - Portugal Passion Fruit

Cream Liqueur
        Duggan's Irish Cream, Laddy's Country Cream

Energy Drinks (Non Alcoholic)

        Barrett's London Dry, Bellringer (England), Cossack, Martini London Dry, Potter's London Dry

        Classik Grappa

Liqueurs - French
        Jules Domet Grand Orange

Liqueurs - Herbal
        Agwa, Arak Razzouk - Anise Liqueur, Par-D-Schatz

Liqueurs - Italian
        Ramazotti -

Liqueurs - Lebanon
        Arak Razzouk -

        Don Antonio Aguilar

(Non Alcoholic)
        Jero Cocktail mix, Puerto Vallarta, Vinnie's Bloody Mary Mix

        Pietra Santa Olive Oil -

(Ready to Drink)
        Pocket Shots -
        John Daly Cocktails -
        Puerto Vallarta Margarita

        Diamond Head, Hammock Bay, Havana Bay, Moraga Cay
        Potter's Specialty Rums, Potter's West Indies
        Prichard's -
        Tanduay -


Scotch Whiskey - Single Malts
        Glenalmond, Glen Ranoch, Muirheads Speyside

Scotch Whiskey - Pure Malt
        Angus Dundee, Tambowie

Scotch Whisky
        Blackburn's, Duggan's Dew, Lloyd & Haig, Potter's

        Maraska Kosher, Subovorska

        Defrost Schnapps -

        Baja Tequila Liqueur
        Don Diego Santa -
        El Tirador -
        Orendain Ollitas -
        Gran Orendain -
        Puente Grande Tequila
        Puerto Vallarta -
        Señor Rio -
        Sol De Mexico -

Triple Sec Liqueur
        Potter's, Puerto Vallarta, Jules Perchard

        Beyond -
        Crown Czar
        Crown Superior
        Ed Hardy-France -
        Monnema -
        Purity-Sweden -
        Royal Czar
        Spirit of Santa-Finland -
        Vampyre-Transylvania -
        White Wolf

Whiskey - Bourbon
        Black Saddle
        Bourbon Age - Ky
        Bourbon Club
        Buck Bourbon
        Clyde Mays Conecuh Ridge Whisky -
        Joshua Brook
        Medley Bros.
        Old Medley

Whiskey - Blended
        Barret's Blend
        Glenwood Blend

Whiskey - Canadian
        8 Seconds -
        Campbell & Cooper
        Canadian Crown
        Potter's Crown

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by toddestan (#46797049) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: What Tech Products Were Built To Last?

I've got a Canon TX that's still in good working order, except that I can't get batteries anymore for the built-in light meter (it requires a mercury cell that's long out of production for obvious reasons). And unlike the 1Ds, the TX was the low-end budget model of day, lacking a 1/1000s shutter speed and the self-timer. Still, not bad for nearly 40 years old.

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by toddestan (#46796973) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: What Tech Products Were Built To Last?

Guess it depends on what part of the world you're in. In America, in the early 70's Subaru was still experimenting with importing micro-cars such as the Subaru 360, something that didn't work out particularly well for Subaru. For that matter, I don't remember them lasting very long on American roads.

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by toddestan (#46796931) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: What Tech Products Were Built To Last?

Well, Hyundai has come a long way. On the other hand, compare a mid-90's Toyota Camry to a new one. The new one may have a lot more gadgets and features, but the 90's Camry is a much more solid, better built car whereas the new ones are basically what's left after 15 years of decontenting and cost cutting.

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by toddestan (#46796885) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: What Tech Products Were Built To Last?

I've heard someone say that some of the first water mains put in back around 1900 were designed to last 100 years or more. The ones put in before WW2 were designed to last about 75 years. The ones put in during the boom in the 50's and 60's were designed to last 50 years. And the more recent ones starting from 70's are designed to last 30 years. Which means that today we've got something like 80-90 years worth of water mains which are all about at the end of the design lifetime. Something to think about.

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by toddestan (#46796765) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: What Tech Products Were Built To Last?

I've got one of the slightly newer Sony "Dream Machines" that uses the backlit LCD. I use it for a clock in the office, as the radio part barely works anymore. The daylight savings time button on it, however, is pretty innovative and I've always wondered why no one else has copied it. Push it in the spring to advance the clock by and hour, and push it again in the fall to set it back an hour. Simple and elegant.

My alarm clock in the bedroom is a GE clock radio from sometime in the early 90's with the red LED display, fake woodgrain, and 9V backup. Still going strong.

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by Animats (#46796427) Attached to: Google's New Camera App Simulates Shallow Depth of Field

Some movie directors are still bitching over the disappearance of film grain. There are companies putting unnecessary film grain in digital images.

We need to get to 48FPS or better, so slow pans over detailed backgrounds look right. No more strobing!

(Instead, we're getting 4K resolution, which is only useful if the screen is in front of your face and a meter wide.)

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