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Comment: Scala-- (Score 1) 636

by corporate zombie (#47151711) Attached to: Apple Announces New Programming Language Called Swift

It's Scala. They left out pattern matching and didn't drive the monadic nature of common programming collections through the collection classes. You can leave out the monads (although the first time you want to convert the contents of an Optional value via a function returning an Option you'll wish they hadn't) but leaving out pattern matching was a plain and simple misstep.

Comment: Re:Um... (Score 1) 693

I guess I did miss the point. Since in my family it was all about how misguided the Vietnam war was and talks of student sit ins and such. Fonda was naive but she was, I think, on the correct side of the argument.

But I guess you missed the point too. Holder stated [1] that the Executive Branch wasn't going to make a blanket statement hemming in the Executive to use drones during such events as Peal Harbor and 9/11. So what we've got is a temper tantrum which compares two of the most epic events in US history where the power of the Executive would have swept pretty much anything before it to a single Vietnam war protester who happened to get a lot of attention because she was a celebrity over whom the Executive could only exert the most minor of authority. If a drone were to have killed Jane Fonda it would have been an obvious criminal action. If a drone had shot down one of the remaining jets after the towers were hit it would have been a justified use of a military force to avoid a larger death toll. Trying to compare the two is simply trying to derail the stated response to (Rand's) original question.


Comment: More productive than what? (Score 1) 445

by corporate zombie (#38924339) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Are Daily Stand-Up Meetings More Productive?

(Dang. Wish I'd gotten in on this thread earlier because I'm just gonna repeat elements from the best posts.)

Yes I have daily meeting with my team; Monday and Thursday 10-10:20 Mountain.

Yes it's productive. Younger hands call roadblocks and the elders speak up with, "I'll help you on that".
Someone's stalled for a couple of weeks or three without calling roadblock and I start to ask about things in our weekly 1-1 (burnout; too proud to ask for help; "Nailing top tier in my guild's PvP rankings but I'll be back in the saddle next week").
Meetings run long with dirt-diving, carping, gossip about execs then my canary just died.

I was a unix sysadmin for six years, manager for three, developer for four and now I'm back in the manager slot. In that time I had a manager that held a daily hour meeting and a project manager that held once weeklies that I would trade my teeth to get as much out of my team as they did out of us but I'm not them and my team isn't the one they worked with and my dailys held twice a week work for me.

Dailys are the answer for everything. (Except when they aren't.)


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by corporate zombie (#38532850) Attached to: Ebert: I'll Tell You Why Movie Revenue Is Dropping

I envy you then. Our Alamo's food is less than stellar. (West Oaks, Houston.) The special features are very good but the normal menu is straight out of cans and the freezer. Just a touch more effort on their part would go a long way. I'm not expecting miracles but I'd rather not have to stick to the two things on the menu I've found to be... hard to do wrong.

With that mini-rant out of the way I totally agree with you that, in general, they are the way to go for a good evening at the movies. (Other of their locations I've been very happy with the food so I suspect it's a kitchen issue.)


Comment: How to answer (Score 1) 997

by corporate zombie (#34872412) Attached to: Are 10-11 Hour Programming Days Feasible?

Joel also runs Fog Creek Software. Tell your boss you want this sort of environment since Joel recommends it.

10-11 hour days can be done. I aim for 65 hours a week. They can't be done without extenuating circumstances though when you can just walk on over to the next shop and get the same pay for a standard 8 hour day. Update your resume. It might work out but I'd bet against.


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by corporate zombie (#26399213) Attached to: Git Adoption Soaring; Are There Good Migration Strategies?

I also am forced in to clearcase. Here's the workflow I use:

        ct mkview ...
        cd /view/VIEW/vob/blah/dir
        git init
        git add .
        git commit -m 'Init'
        cd /somewhere/else
        git clone /view/VIEW/vob/blah/dir
        # do real work rather than fight clearcase

Git plays quite nicely with other systems.


PS - Easy enough to write a small script to sync difference back to clearcase or update your clearcase master and merge into your workspace.

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