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Comment: Re:Collateralized vs Non-Collateralized Loans (Score 1) 461

by coopersnick (#43353047) Attached to: Let Them Eat Teslas
This is pretty much what the Australian government does for education fee loans - they are funded through the government and paid back by the individual when they earn enough money. The individual effectively has a higher tax rate until the loan is paid off. When I went through the scheme was called HECS. I think it's now called studyassist? It's important to change the name every 10 years or so.

Comment: Re:Adult Content Island and verification. (Score 4, Funny) 209

by coopersnick (#30655290) Attached to: Whatever Happened To <em>Second Life</em>?
So the hippie beatnik leftist commies asked them to stop continually shouting "USA XOXOXOXO LOLZ!!11!!!ONE!!11!!!", and because of that the crap was beaten out of their characters? And then they complained? Goddam dirty hippies. They should learn to fire guns, eat red meat and go to church.

Comment: Excercise is important, but only one factor (Score 1) 978

by coopersnick (#30030188) Attached to: Why Doesn't Exercise Lead To Weight Loss?
As someone who has done a bit of bulking up and trimming down, I can tell you that the general opinion in professional fitness is that in order of importance losing weight is: - 50% what you eat - 30% how much muscle you have - 20% exercise 7 pounds on just ramping up your exercise and changing nothing else - including continuing to consume extra calories that made the person fat in the first place? Actually those results are pretty good!

Comment: Re:Like I said. 0.1% of the comments. (Score 1) 1255

by coopersnick (#29726567) Attached to: FOSS Sexism Claims Met With Ire and Denial
So, you (1) ask for an example, and are (2) then given one - and then (3) immediately refuse to even consider it? I would suggest your percentage argument is valid, but you continue hammering the original statement. The kind of thing shown in that example is the problem here, that 0.1% of comments are clearly not levelled at you - so you're not affected by them. 0.1% is too much.

Comment: Re:Baby Boomers (Score 1) 599

by coopersnick (#28302575) Attached to: Why Isn't the US Government Funding Research?

I blame the baby-boomers, they were raised on idea of continual gain of benefits. Whether it was from capitalism, increased government benefits, or lower taxes. They continually have driven everything out of total self interest an screw society.

You say I am crazy? It was not my generation that,

So what generation are you? Generation X is now having their turn to fuck up the world, I'm sure they are going to do a far better job than the Boomers. I'm sure.

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