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Comment Re:Who are the developers (Score 1) 348

You're impressed because they gave you a site license on the cheap. "pay where they can" isn't something you find on a purchase page. Customers that reuse the same licensing key over and over on different boxes are pirates. Don't kid yourself.

Small businesses need you to buy licenses for each machine you install it on. Salaries add up real fast, advertising is torture (Google is really expensive), Over-time happens so much, Rent, Infrastructure, etc. If it's too much to commit to this, you lean towards FOSS. Nothing wrong with either side of the fence, just don't kid yourself.

Now, if you just hate the concept of being accused of wrong doing because your box blew itself to bits. That's a function of customer service. You'll find the software company that doesn't accuse you of wrong doing, but gets in there and fixes you up ~ them's the boys you want to keep doing business with. That would be the company I work for. *Nobody* likes activation, but we have proof that it does make a difference... and our job is to ensure that customers get more value out of our software and customer service to make up for the bad.

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