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Submission + - Are security software vendors stifling innovation?->

coomaria writes: While most security software is truly lemon squeezy easy to install these days, taking just a few minutes as a rule, the same still cannot always be said of the process of trying to remove it from your computer. Uninstallation issues related to security software remain a royal pain in the arse to anyone involved in the oldest of modern professions, unpaid family and friends technical support. So is the conspiracy theory right (trying to stop people using competing applications) or is it just piss poor programming?
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XBox (Games)

Submission + - MW2 Prestige-Fest for Easter with double XP->

coomaria writes: Yay! Play Modern Warfare 2 using the new Stimulus Package maps over the weekend of 2nd to 5th April and, according to an Infinity Ward insider posting to Twitter, you will get double XP for every game played. I reckon there will be a lot of new Prestige players come the end of that weekend, very tired ones probably.
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Submission + - 75% of enterprises have suffered $2M+ cyber attack->

coomaria writes: OK, even allowing for the fact this comes from a newly published study from a security company that's still one heck of a statistic. The fact that it's Symantec, and so has access to perhaps more enterprises than most, makes it a double-heck with knobs on. Or how about this one for size: "every enterprise, yes 100 percent, experienced cyber losses in 2009"
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Submission + - It’s an EDGE record breaker->

coomaria writes: Huawei says it has set a new data record for a downlink dual carrier test for Enhanced Data rate for GSM Evolution (EDGE) of 564Kb/s. To put that in some kind of sausage roll eating perspective, 564Kb/s is twice as fast as existing EDGE networks and could mean that 2G users could soon see 3G services such as live video over their GSM networks.
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