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Comment: Re:Flash? Really? (Score 1) 38

by coolsnowmen (#48622775) Attached to: Attorney Yasir Billoo Explains NDA Law (Video)
That is not a valid use case to trump adopting new standards. Especially for a tech site. No work place stuck on internet explorer 6 because of intranet applications should be allowing you to use that same browser to access the general world wide web. I've worked for a range of places as a consultant over the last year, and the oldest in use is IE9 (windows 7). I have a friend still stuck on XP and so they have IE8; but that is clearly a massive mistake these days to be using that computer in the net.

Comment: Re:re Loran (Score 1) 139

by coolsnowmen (#48287191) Attached to: World War II Tech eLoran Deployed As GPS Backup In the UK
Modern communications has come a long way since then; it is probably possible to contain that communication to a known band and not spill into neighboring ones. Especially because one of the few times HAM is still relevant is in local emergence communications (when cell is down / overloaded)

Comment: Re:Child porn? (Score 1) 275

by coolsnowmen (#48232049) Attached to: CHP Officers Steal, Forward Nude Pictures From Arrestee Smartphones

When there is a clear and unambiguous violation of the law, prosecutors don't have a lot of choice as to whether to bring charges or not.

simply because prosecutors want to rack up convictions because it plays well during political campaigns.

So, is it because they have to, or is it because they want a Highscore?

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