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by coolsnowmen (#48287191) Attached to: World War II Tech eLoran Deployed As GPS Backup In the UK
Modern communications has come a long way since then; it is probably possible to contain that communication to a known band and not spill into neighboring ones. Especially because one of the few times HAM is still relevant is in local emergence communications (when cell is down / overloaded)

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by coolsnowmen (#48232049) Attached to: CHP Officers Steal, Forward Nude Pictures From Arrestee Smartphones

When there is a clear and unambiguous violation of the law, prosecutors don't have a lot of choice as to whether to bring charges or not.

simply because prosecutors want to rack up convictions because it plays well during political campaigns.

So, is it because they have to, or is it because they want a Highscore?

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Either the small people subsidize the large people ( large because of natural high/size, or large because of poor nutrition ), or people pay more proportionally to the actual costs the of carrying them ( weight of person + baggage ). This is like the difference between data rate or total data caps on ISPs

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In grad school I got some funding by being a science assistant to a teacher in a school that was designated as "needs help". In this particular case it was because of shitty test score because of a large immigrant population. To address a couple of the big comments- The teachers loved it because it broke up when they were ALLOWED to take vacation. Basically 6 weeks from the large summer vacation were taken and 2 weeks were dispersed to winder, fall, and spring. Also, teachers optionally taught fun 'camps' during those weeks (parents paid $, teachers got more $ for teaching more), I personally assisted in a science camp one time which was pretty fun. Additionally, they did see positive results as far as the infamous, back-to-school knowledge loss. It seemed easier for kids to pick up where they left off after a few weeks as opposed to a few months. So, after that positive experience, I'm for it.

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These two things are not at odds with each other. Most recently well documented in "A place at the table", it is quite possible to be obese and poor and malnurished in a 1st world country. In the united states, acquiring certain foods is pretty easy: refined grains, while aquiring healthy foods like vegetables can be almost impossible.

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I used to agree with you, and then came Java, and I got tired of writing a bunch of crap by hand just to prove I could.

Use the right tool for the job. You _can_ build that house with just a hammer, but, there are nice tools that save you a lot of time for specific jobs.

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