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Comment Re: Cannot be trusted (Score 1) 141

Oh Lord Bitman. One person said ALL of google is shit based on shit The responder said, you must be too young to remember what google gave us, and how it was better than everything. How its search engine set the bar, and how its free email was a gift to many many people. And you say...non-sequitur in this case. My critical storage needs!!!

Comment Re: Does indeed happen. (Score 1) 634

I would lose $50,000 if I sold my house due to the state of the market.

I do't understand this. If you buy your house at 400K, and the market goes down a bit in your area then it is now worth 350. But the house your were going to buy has gone down by a similar proportion to. The housing market only matters if you have two houses or if you are changing housing markets.

Comment Re:How about adult subreddits? (Score 1) 581

The person you responded to said two things which distracted you. The core problem is harassment. Saying "Fat people shouldn't be fat" is a general statement. Saying, "this bitch <a href=...> is ugly", is harassment.

PS Of all the places on the internet you use "stealing", /. is pretty sensitized to understand the difference between stealing and copyright infringement.

Comment Re:Sorta surprising. (Score 1) 290

I'm guessing they are referring unauthorized Easter eggs?

Since it was my understanding that the original Easter eggs used purposefully to sidestep the code registration process. Since software patents only required the first X number of lines of code to be submitted...

I doubt that. Easter eggs have existed long before software patents which didn't exist in bulk until 1994.

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