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Submission + - Solar Roadways geta DOT funding. ( 1

mikee805 writes: Solar roadways a project to replace the over 25,000 square miles of road in the US with drivable solar panels just received $100K in funding from DOT for the 1st 12ft by 12ft prototype panel. Each panel consists of three layers: a base layer with data and power cabled running through it, an electronics layer with an array of LEDs, solar collectors, and capacitors and finally the glass road surface. With data and power cables the solar roadway was the potential to replace a lot of our aging infrastructure. With just a 15% efficiency this would project 3 time what US uses annually in energy! Also to head off a few problems the building costs are estimated to be competitive with traditional roads and the roads would heat themselves in the winter to keep snow from accumulating. Interview video here.

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