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Comment: Re:By coincidence... (Score 0) 822

by cooldfish (#36294410) Attached to: Germany To End Nuclear Power By 2022
As the article states the Maximum Consumption is at the moment 65,000 MW so the margin is 22%.

Ist zu wenig Strom da, wenn acht Meiler sofort abgeschaltet werden? Nein. 80.000 Megawatt Strom werden nur selten gebraucht. Aktuell liegt der maximale Bedarf zum Beispiel bei rund 65.000 Megawatt. Auch erreicht die Wartung und Pflege von Kraftwerken bald ihren Höhepunkt - in den kommenden Wochen gehen viele Kraftwerke, die momentan stillstehen, wieder ans Netz.

Google Tranlation:

If too little power there, when eight reactors be shut down immediately? No. 80,000 MW electricity will be used only rarely. Currently, the maximum demand is for example about 65,000 megawatts. Also reached the maintenance and care of power plants soon peak - in the coming weeks, many power plants, stand still right now, go back to the grid.


Athena's Free Firewall Browser 23

Posted by timothy
from the should-you-choose-to-accept-it dept.
athenasec writes "Firewall Browser is a free configuration analyzer (download here), released by Athena Security, which works on Cisco, Check Point, and Netscreen firewalls for searching rulebases based on address or service ranges — the way change requests are actually made. The tool is available as a free download with no limitations, user license restrictions, or registration hurdles. Users can slice and dice any firewall-related question about the network, service objects, and security rules for a multi-vendor environment from a single flexible interface. There is also this how-to guide for applying the tool to day-to-day operational tasks."

Comment: You must have an abnormal hearing to differenciate (Score 1) 849

by cooldfish (#30139356) Attached to: Can We Really Tell Lossless From MP3?
The german magazine c't made 2000 an test with several people, they found out that the pereson that had the worst hearing was best at differenciating between CD and mp3. That person's hearing had suffered from an explosion and he as only able to hear frequences up to 8kHz on one ear and had a Tinitus on the other ear. He could hear more of the effects from the filters that are applied to mp3 streams. Further (german) info see

+ - Judge of the Pirate Bay trial even more shady

Submitted by
MikeTheBike writes "It seems that the criticized judge in the Pirate Bay trial has an even shadier background than first noted.

The judge, Tomas Norström, who has been criticized for his membership in many Media Lobby organizations, was the same judge that allowed the police to raid one of the primer ISPs in Sweden, Bahnhof. That raid was shown in a later investigation to have been instigated by a file sharing RIAA/MPAA subsidiary Antipiratbyrån paid mole. The whole raid resulted in a total fiasco for the whole judiciary system and the blame was put on the judge for allowing the raid based on such poor evidence.

Apparently judge Tomas Norström know how to take good care of the contacts he has made during the years in the service of the media lobby!

The article that we dug out from an archive in a leading Swedish weekly newspaper Ny Teknik and in english Ny Teknik"

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