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Comment: Re:How Thick is the Display? (Score 4, Interesting) 244

by cool_story_bro (#30752118) Attached to: Forget LCDs and LEDs, Here Come LPDs

I don't see any reason why the laser has to strike the phosphor at anything close to a perpendicular alignment.

The angle at which the beam strikes the phosphor would determine the shape of the intersecting region, which may be difficult to correct for. However, a small mirror near each "pixel" that redirected the beam straight at the phosphor would likely correct the situation without taking up too much extra space.

Comment: Re:Read The Fine Summary (Score 1) 99

by cool_story_bro (#28542391) Attached to: New Click-Fraud Attack Is Stealthiest Yet
this is true (conficker, for example, patched the very vulnerability that it exploited to gain access). However, that doesn't mean that this particular chunk of malware should be assumed to be safe. Personally, I would err on the side of not trusting anything that changes the behavior of my computer without my knowledge of permission.

Comment: Re:Does he really think schools are going to do it (Score 1) 146

by cool_story_bro (#28452091) Attached to: OLPC Fork Sugar On a Stick Goes 1.0
the best thing a school can teach a kid is how to learn. Teaching a kid to "use a computer" is not nearly as valuable as teaching a kid how to learn how to use a computer. A kid who was taught how to use 3 very specific applications on exactly 1 operating system is going to be in deep trouble (or at the very least a nuisance to his IT department) when he starts a job that uses a custom application to do 90% of his work. Trust me on this one, I work in that IT department

Comment: Re:Passwords? (Score 2, Insightful) 836

by cool_story_bro (#28377887) Attached to: Montana City Requires Workers' Internet Accounts
change all your passwords to the same dummy password, then fill out your application with said dummy password. After compromising your dummy password, adhere to the sites' ToS by changing it (back). You didn't falsify your application, the information just became obsolete. I'm sure they don't require you to submit an addendum any time any piece of information on you application is rendered false.... right?

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