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Comment: Re:ebola stigma (Score 1) 65 65

Apparently you skipped over the part where he was declared "ebola free" by the same group who are declaring him not contagious.

My issue is that this "cure" appeared recently and from my (admittedly layman's) perspective, it hasn't had enough time to prove it's completely effective. And given the risks involved if someone is wrong, it seems foolhardy to just trust that it will work.

And when I read that the doctors are "stumped" as to why the disease wasn't completely eliminated, it scares the hell out of me. This isn't AIDS. It's faster and far more easily and casually contracted. Not to be trifled with. Until people have been truly "Ebola free" and not contagious for years, I think precautions are warranted.

+ - FBI Slammed On Capitol Hill For 'Stupid' Ideas About Encryption->

blottsie writes: At a hearing in Washington, D.C., on Wednesday, the FBI endured outright hostility as both technical experts and members of Congress from both parties roundly criticized the law enforcement agency's desire to place so-called back doors into encryption technology.

"Creating a technological backdoor just for good guys is technologically stupid," said Rep. Ted Lieu (D-Calif.), a Stanford University computer science graduate. "That's just stupid."

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+ - Apple partners with IBM and Japan Post to support ageing populations->

An anonymous reader writes: IBM and Apple have joined in a partnership today to address Japan’s growing population of senior citizens. Apple CEO Tim Cook and IBM CEO Ginni Rometty announced the collaborative project at IBM’s Watson headquarters in New York. The two tech chiefs were joined on stage by president and CEO of the Japan Post Group, Taizo Nishimuro – himself almost 80 years old. Nishimuro discussed the enormous pressure that his home country is under from its growing population over the age of 65. The Apple/IBM scheme will start by supplying iPads to the elderly Japanese community, containing downloaded iOS apps designed to support older citizens. For example, large typefaces and dictation features will be included, specifically developed to help those who are hard of hearing or have difficulties with their vision. IBM has also pledged a collection of custom-built apps via its Global Business Services group, which will feature medication reminders, exercise information and diet apps, as well as grocery shopping and job search services.
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Comment: Re:I despise the people that say NO TV. (Score 1) 244 244

You omitted the second date. So... maybe a trip to the Highbröw Bar and Grille or maybe the Stuffed Shirt competition at the Hipster Vapor Pub?

Look. My issue (and I think that of others here) is that the people who "Don't do television" feel the need to extoll the virtues of their choice while attempting to diminish or belittle those of us who feel differently. Any time a topic with the word "television" in the text comes up, the anti-TV gang crawls out of the woodwork to parade their elitist viewpoint.

It just gets old.

If you don't enjoy television, great! I'd rather hear about your tango-coptering which DOES sound like some serious fun.

Comment: Where's my option? -1! (Score 1) 244 244

Being the elitist snob I am, I proudly proclaim my superiority over them asses, er "The Masses" by flaunting the fact I, do not dirty myself with the white-trash media known as "television."

Notice how I proclaim how my world view is so vastly superior to yours with my commentary. "I actually go outside!" or "My brain is not rotted!" or even "My family hasn't watched television in 20 years and now we're all brain surgeons."

Sure it's hackneyed and trite but it's SO true!

Yes. I don't watch TV and I need everyone to know my personal choice means my life is better that yours.

Comment: Excerpt from BSG (Score 2) 343 343

"Galactica is a reminder of a time when we were so frightened by our enemies that we literally looked backward for protection..."

... and, of course ...

"... But I will not allow a networked, computerized system to be placed on this ship while I am in command."

We live in a world of Cylons.

Comment: Re:Good luck with that. (Score 1) 558 558

Really? You're comparing someone stealing your credit card number to this?

No solution is completely secure because humans have to interact with it. The best solution balances the needs of security while promoting ease of use. Credit cards are easy to use but wildly insecure. Applepay is easier to use and MORE secure. Even if we had Chip+Pin active last year, it would not have stopped the (Target, Home Depot, Neiman Marcus, etc.) breaches. The POS terminals were hacked, so the PIN data was sent to the bad guys along with the credit card data.

Since the only thing the POS terminal gets from Applepay is a one-time use token, the hacks would have been ineffective had Applepay been in use.

Comment: No incentive = why would they want it anyway? (Score 1) 558 558

They should want it because WE want it. It's a customer-focused system that is more secure and convenient for the customer.

My only issue with google's system is storing my data in the cloud. I'm old enough to not trust the cloud to keep my data secure. Apple is showing up at *exactly* the right time as thousands (millions?) of people are being hacked due to the antiquated systems currently in place. Apple pay is a disruptive technology and will change the way brick-and-mortar transactions are handled.

I'm putting CVS and RiteAid in the "Ballmer" classification of forward thinkers.

Comment: My solution: (hint-it's cold, and it's hard...) (Score 1) 558 558

Yes, yes. You are a much better, nicer and more intelligent person than I because you use cash. I'll bet you're a Vegan and only watch PBS telethons.

Cash is simply inconvenient and risky. If I lose my wallet or am mugged, I can't just "turn off" my cash. It's gone and yes, it's completely my fault for losing the wallet or getting mugged. I've tried several times to put my cash into the DVD slot on my PC when buying off of Amazon. It just never works!

Transaction by NFC (at least apple pay) at this point in time, is far more secure than cash.

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