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Comment Re:Deny ALL Cookies (Score 1) 408

> Yes, I know you can put a god damn session id in the URL query string, but that's annoying, unreliable, and insecure. IF someone navigates your website for a bit, puts some stuff in the shopping cart, then just goes back to your homepage by stripping everything but the domain name off the URL...TADA!!! You've lost their session!!! Or if they jump to a different part of your website via a bookmark from a previous session...TADA!!!! You've lost their session. Or if they copy their URL and pass it to someone else/post it on a forum...TADA!!!! Someone else is now using their session (yes, you can "solve" that issue by linking the session by a secondary authentication variable like IP, but then you run the risk of having your website broken for anyone that moves between IP addresses).

It will be like experiencing 1997's web all over again!

Comment Re:Prediction: FF at 2% of the market by Dec 2016 (Score 1) 182

I'd wager that most of the firefox use now is by IT personnel who use it for its extensions, and Mozilla has been alienating us by breaking functionality at every step - breaking flash, breaking java, and of course, completely excluding code for low-bit cryptography, which forces us to use multiple browser versions to get to out of band management on older boxes and appliances. I can see disabling older crypo algorithms by default, but don't exclude it from the project.

Same with unsigned or self-signed extensions - is every IT shop going to make their extensions available on the Firefox extensions repo? hell no! We're not accepting Firefox updates any more thanks to the mess that this is going to introduce. Sure, disable unsigned extensions by default, but give us the option to enable installation of them again - even if the preference name needs to be created by the user, but at least make it available.

Mozilla, you're alienating what's left of your userbase... and with your retiring Thunderbird... what userbase are you going to have left?

Brilliant.. simply brilliant. Good job, Mozilla.

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