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by conner_bw (#45214647) Attached to: Wikipedia's Participation Problem

Yes, elitist, exactly. And, historicaly, not shy to voice it? It's kind of ironic that the man who wants to fix a participation problem that started in 2007, held the opinion that there is no such problem in 2006?

"The idea that a lot of people have of Wikipedia," he noted, "is that it's some emergent phenomenon - the wisdom of mobs, swarm intelligence, that sort of thing - thousands and thousands of individual users each adding a little bit of content and out of this emerges a coherent body of work." But, he (Jimmy Wales, founder of Wikipedia) insisted, the truth was rather different: Wikipedia was actually written by "a community ... a dedicated group of a few hundred volunteers" where "I know all of them and they all know each other". Really, "it's much like any traditional organization."


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conner_bw (120497) writes "In the future wide spread use of food synthesizers turn meals into intellectual property and people share recipes online illegally to eat. I'm writing a book titled Master Chef Replicator Wars, the first chapter is done, and I want you to pay me before I write the rest of it. Should I use Kickstarter or Indiegogo? Thanks AskSlashdot!"
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The book is titled "Chef Ramsay's Replicator Wars" It's about how in the future wide spread use of food synthesizers turn meals into intellectual property and people share recipes online illegally to eat. In this future Monsanto genetically modified foods taking over all the crops were, in fact, preemptive copyright infringement claims.

In the future, criminal organizations poison online food banks with bad data. Many people fear getting food from ill-reputable sources.

In the future, everyone speaks in motivational English, a sort of ambiguous coaching and slogan infested sales gibberish. The book is narrated from the past so as to not read totally crazy all the time.

In the future, people are intelligent . They simply no longer reason using language. Words are too slow and have become some sort of status symbol, or like song. Actual discourse occurs by aggregating a collection of media into themes and asking someone to download your "curation;" which if accepted is a near instantaneous dump of ideas into your mindspace. This suggests that, even if an argument isn't coherent, 100 arguments, some yours, some others, some verbal, some not, curated together into a single theme and instantly dumped on demand, gets a point across faster. People no longer care about word efficacy, rather coolness factor or Likes.

In the future, everyone is on Segways because computers got smaller but not microscopic. The Segway is actually a sleek compact design for a thousand of today's server farms. The Segway acts as a personal Googleplex to interface with all the features of life 3000 (Segways in the future are actually Google Glass that got bigger) Hence their slogan: A Segway for your face.

In the future, there is the serious problem of "exposure" where a criminal asks you to accept a discourse then, instead, dumps corrupted memories of executions, murders, and sexual abuse into your mind space. This is a serious crime. If not contained it causes widespread psychological problems and degenerates society as a whole. This is why individuals connect to their own personal Googleplexes instead of sharing a centralized one.

"Don't worry about people stealing your ideas. If your ideas are any good, you'll have to ram them down people's throats." -- Howard Aiken