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Comment: Re:Occams razor (Score 1) 22

by conejito_andarin (#31011324) Attached to: Girl Without Vagina Gets Pregnant Via Oral Sex and Stabbing
The story has too many "simple observations" in it to be plausible. - "The patient was well aware of the fact that she had no vagina" Well, that's a relief! - "She had never had a period" Am I missing something here? How exactly would this happen given her condition?

Comment: Re:that won't work (Score 1) 108

by conejito_andarin (#27070083) Attached to: iRobot Develops Hamster-Guided Robotic Vacuum
You're probably right about the paths, but I doubt if we have much data about the paths hamsters take when pursued by a roaring monster only inches from their butts. I mean, that's the situation as far as the hamster is concerned, right? It's a lose-lose situation for it. We give it control of a vehicle, but the vehicle itself terrifies them and pursues them wherever they go. Poor bastards. The smart ones will be paralyzed with fright and poop themselves.

Comment: Extras (Score 1) 261

by conejito_andarin (#26644473) Attached to: Family Dog Cloned, Thanks To Dolly Patents
From the headline I read, I thought they were producing a line of cloned dogs for sale. If Lancey (TM) is such a great dog, why shouldn't everyone have a chance to own one? Even a few extra copies would sell out fast. On the "beloved" point, I can't see loving animals like people. People grow and change and love you in unexpected ways. I love my cats and dogs, but they aren't my family. They don't drive me crazy enough!

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