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Comment Re:The comment may also be complex.. (Score 1) 660

It's been my experience that people who leave competent comments are both the people who write competent code and who can touch-type.

I would imagine that when you have to peck out 400 lines of code using four fingers, there's very little incentive for you to go back in and start trying to explain things.

Feed Science Daily: Could The Universe Be Tied Up With Cosmic String? ( 1

Astronomers have uncovered hints that there may be cosmic strings - lines of pure mass-energy - stretching across the entire Universe. Cosmic strings are predicted by high energy physics theories, including superstring theory. This is based on the idea that particles are not just little points, but tiny vibrating bits of string Cosmic strings are predicted to have extraordinary amounts of mass - perhaps as much as the mass of the Sun - packed into each meter of a tube whose width is less a billion billionth of the size of an atom.

Feed Science Daily: First Evidence Of Under-ice Volcanic Eruption In Antarctica ( 4

The first evidence of a volcanic eruption from beneath Antarctica's most rapidly changing ice sheet has been discovered. The volcano on the West Antarctic Ice Sheet erupted 2,000 years ago and remains active. Using airborne ice-sounding radar, scientists discovered a layer of ash produced by a 'subglacial' volcano. It extends across an area larger than Wales.

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