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+ - $15,728.64 / GB for Mobile Broadband->

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conan1989 writes "They may call themselves Virgin but they are not virgins when it comes to screwing subscribers big time for mobile data.

Now someone has forgotten to tell Virgin that the cost of mobile data has come down dramatically since the days of GPRS because they are still charging the same data rates that the telcos charged back when sending data over the GSM network was very expensive. 1.5c per KB of data might not seem that bad until you do the math and realise that Virgin are screwing their customers a whopping $15,728.64 per GB for casual data.


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Comment: Re:Hmmmm (Score 1) 377

by conan1989 (#26245903) Attached to: UK Culture Secretary Wants Website Ratings, Censorship

no, not good luck with that.

even if the UK gov't can't get through R&D, that's a lot of wasted money.

even if the censor is easy to get around or tunnel through, that will leave a large uninformed populaces ripe for taking advantage of.

this IS the same issue as what Australia currently faces (yes, i live there)

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