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Comment Re:A service to the community: release the text (Score 1) 75

But again you are assuming the cops give a fuck about the truth instead of just getting SOMEBODY. Look at the German guy that was running an exit node, he had his gear snatched by the cops and I don't think he ever did get it back even though he was found not to have been doing anything. Remember only a few states here in the US have stopped the "civil forfeiture" legalized stealing so even if they let you go they can still keep your stuff and if you are like most geeks here that is thousands to tens of thousands worth of gear, poof!

And again please read the article I linked to, any PC tech could have told you in under 3 minutes that the guy was innocent as his PC was making dozens of connections a second and downloading lists of material on command from the outside, a classic bot. What happened to him? He lost his job,had his reputation destroyed, 2 years of his life in court, and over $150K in lawyers fees, none of which he will EVER get back.

So just remember you can't use logic and common sense here, we are talking POLITICS, which is why my friend is trying to get the hell out of his job at the crime lab. If somebody gets busted, even if its obviously bogus? Why that makes the front page and helps the prosecutor in his run for whatever office he desires, if its thrown out a couple years later? He done got a new job and the retraction is on page 12, for him its all upsides and no down. Think he gives a fuck if he destroys an innocent life or two? Not a chance, all he cares about is becoming a senator or congressman or governor.

Comment Re:The Firefox OS project needs to be terminated. (Score 1) 105

Thanks again for proving my point as you cannot name a single feature without simply parroting "free and open" over and over.

And I'm sorry but I have all of computer history on my side, from Linux on the desktop (which has never gone beyond 2% in 22 years, despite the competition cost over $100 USD) to Open Pandora game consoles, From OpenMoko to that open GPU that is on life support if the only thing you have is your definition of free and open you are DEAD, because NO CONSUMER CARES nor will they take a shoddy half ass experience so they can have something "free and open".

So lets hear it, I gave you a list of features that the competition has...can you name ONE THING, just one, that a consumer that is NOT a developer will give a single flying flipping fuck about? I'm betting you can't, which means we'll be here reading about the death of FXOS in a year or two, when Moz gets tired of pissing money down a rat hole for something nobody cares about. Hell they can't even try for the "free as in beer" angle as any company can sign up and get Android and WinPhone for free, BOTH of which has more and better quality apps.

Comment Re:A service to the community: release the text (Score 2) 75

I don't think it would matter as they were a corp with money and you are most likely not. Like it or not according to a friend who works at the state crime lab running something like a Tor exit node or Freenet and you can be charged with child porn distribution whether you ever had access to the offending material or not.

The way it was explained to me was like this.."imagine I give you a safe to carry to the next town. this safe is locked, you have NO way to access this safe or know the contents. Now the cops pull you over, break open the safe and find CP. The ways the laws are currently written you are guilty of distribution even though you had no way of accessing or knowing because you chose to carry the safe no different than how you chose to run Freenet or Tor".

Now is this wrong and fucked up? Sure it is but the way the CP laws are written you WILL be looking at a couple years of court, costing tens to hundreds of thousands, and of course you'll have your reputation destroyed, probably lose your job, and will most likely never see any of your electronic equipment ever again. If you don't believe this just look at guys getting their lives destroyed over a virus infected computer which any Geek Squad could have detected in 5 minutes or less. What is more you can go to Wikileaks and look up "confessions of a child pornographer" and read that he BRAGS about this exact attack, which he does because he thinks its "funny" and leaves cops chasing innocents instead of his customers. What does the prosecutor say when shown the evidence " He infected his PC on purpose as an excuse" showing the cops do not give a single flying fuck whether they get the right person or not, just that they get somebody. The reason why is simple, prosecutors wanna be governor some day and by showing you are "tough on perverts" you can get votes, no reporter ever checks to see if those busts were actually legit or not.

So I would strongly think twice if you use this software and ask yourself "can I afford a couple years of my life gone in court, and the risk of decades in prison? Is there anybody that counts on me for income?" because thanks to the fucked up red scare vague as fuck laws we have in the US when it comes to CP that is what you are risking by running this software.

Comment Re:The Firefox OS project needs to be terminated. (Score 1) 105

Thank you for perfectly illustrating my point as you can't name a single thing a consumer would care about and keep having to harp on and on (even slumming in FUDLand for a bit) about "free and open", thus proving my point better than I ever could that FXOS is a dead man walking, thanks.

As others have said if you believe what you are saying? Put up or shut up, name some features that a consumer would care about that have absolutely NOTHING to do with, or depend on, the words "free" or "open". If you can't or don't respond? You have perfectly proven my point yet again, thx in advance.

Comment Re:Microsoft (Score 1) 186

What good would opening up Symbian have done? It would have been like opening Windows 3.11 in 2005, it was a dead end arch that could never be made to compete.

What killed Nokia is the same thing that killed Palm and so many others, what I call "sat on ass" syndrome, in that when they were on top they sat on ass instead of looking forward and by the time they realized they needed to think ahead? They did like 90s Apple pre Jobs and just threw shit at the wall hoping something would work. They ended up with something like 3 different OSes at one point, Symbian, Meego (which needed a good 2 years to be able to compete with what Apple and Google had out then, if the devs are to be believed) and the Java one, all fighting and headhunting and backstabbing...yeah they were fucked long before Elop showed up.

Comment Re:The Firefox OS project needs to be terminated. (Score 1) 105

If the ONLY thing your product has to offer over the competition is your personal definition of "open" then YOU WILL LOSE, because nobody cares about your definition of "open" when your product is inferior in every.single.way. when compared to the other choices.

Apple has the walled garden which offers a unified user experience, Android has the app support and wide choice of devices your apps will run on, even MSFT has an advantage in the "bang for the buck" of their quite affordable offerings and the ability to integrate it into your Windows 10 desktop...what does FXOS have? It has Mozilla's definition of "open" which last I checked doesn't even jive with the GPL version of the same word...yep, not got a chance.

We have seen this time and time again, from "open" phones to "open" game consoles to "open" tablets and in every case? The results are the same, either death or usage numbers so low as to be below the margin for error. FXOS will peter out, the slow death of fading relevance and lack of support because of the simple fact that it has nothing to offer the consumer other than the Moz definition of "open".

Comment Re: Why not just forgo paid content? (Score 1) 105

If you don't want a crippled DRM stick? Then accept you are gonna need an HTPC. You can get one of the Chinese ARM boxes but I find they are rather limited on the amount of software you can run on 'em, a better choice IMHO would be to get one of the AMD Socket AM1 chips which is what I've been using at the shop. Crazy low power (average around 8w-12w according to kill-a-watt), GPU powerful enough to do 1080P with no sweat or lagging, and if you don't want to spend $$$ on an OS you can slap on OpenELEC and have a 10 foot UI OOTB.

But if all you want is the cheap stick? You are gonna have to accept they are nothing but DRM delivery medium, your only real choices are the cheapo Chinese ARM nettops (which again severely limited on apps, no OS updates make them vulnerable to hack, limited playback and media options) or go with a full blown HTPC. Considering that HDMI makes everything plug and play, the AM1 makes an APU powerful enough and ULV while being cheap easy to come by, and the sheer amount of options an HTPC gives you from serving media to your entire house by slapping a multi TB drive and having your entire media library always accessible to streaming and casual gaming makes the HTPC a no brainer IMHO. I know a lot of my HTPC customers start with the sticks then quickly get tired of the limitations and want to "trade up" to something with more options.

Try one, I bet you'll find it does all you want it to do.

Comment Re:wft ever dude! (Score 1) 212

So "as long as you do nothing wrong you have nothing to worry about" that REALLY your position? You DO know you are a felon, right? You are, I am, pretty much everybody is as You commit three felonies a day and the ONLY reason they do not go after you is how much work it would take. Now you have all these SJWs pushing for pretty much anything they find personally offensive (oh I forgot "trigger warning") to be labeled as "hate speech", you have people being investigated by Homeland for making a bad joke or daring to be seen with a sign at a protest, you have CEOs of media cartels saying every song you listen to without giving them money is really think we should make things EASIER for the state and the cartels?

If you are gonna keep that position I hope you are VERY careful with what you say, what you write, and watch, because all it will take is someone with a tiny bit of power deciding they do not like you. I personally don't have nearly as much faith in the government and cartels as you do, so I'll pass for as long as I can and buy a VPN to idoncareistan when I no longer can, thanks anyway.

Comment Re:They're going to be charging money for the OS s (Score 1) 295

That is because being "Windows ME Ready" meant that you had all WDM drivers. You see what I found the fatal flaw with WinME was some numbnuts at MSFT decided that BOTH WDM and VXD drivers should be supported...what a fuck up! If you mixed WDM and VXD drivers? It was pretty much guaranteed to shit itself and BSOD then only question was WHEN it would happen. I saw PCs at the shop (those Mini HPs with the CD holder on the top, can't recall the model ATM) that you could literally set your watch by, it would crash ME in less than 20 minutes from first boot every time. Replace the VXD only built in sound with a WDM card? Magically ran just fine.

So count yourself lucky, all WDM was a rarity when it came to ME thanks to all the Win98 parts the OEMs had, most were a mix of the two which is why IMHO Windows ME became so hated.

Comment Re:Slashdot crying wolf again... (Score 1) 212

And you don't see a PROBLEM with this? You DO know you are advocating giving every single device a "digital fingerprint" which will be trivial for the governments and media cartels to use against you, yes?

You say something that offends a special snowflake of a protected class (thereby committing thoughtcrime...err "hate speech") online, watch a video some cartel thinks you should have paid them $$$ to watch (which is very likely they shared for that very reason) and no problem, simply look at the IP V6 and you'll know exactly who that evildoer was and what device they used at the time!

I'm sorry but with all the truly evil fascist shit we've seen from our corporate overlords and their government puppets I really do NOT trust them with that kind of power. Remember citizen you have committed three felonies today and the only thing stopping them from busting you for it and ruining your life? Is how much resources it would take to prove it. Lets not make it any easier for them,mmkay?

Comment Re:wft ever dude! (Score 2) 212

Am I the only one that sees IP V6 as a "cure" worse than the disease? From everything I've seen it looks like a police state and media cartels wet dream, the ability to assign a unique address to every.single.device like a digital fingerprint so they can trivially trace back every statement, every video watched, every move, for later prosecution? Am I the only one having a problem with this idea, or is the idea of always being under the all seeing electric eye something the young folks simply accept and don't care about?

Comment Re:Companies Selling Actually Free Software? (Score 1) 358

Anybody who actually watches the man speak can see he is a classic "stuck in a time" kind of guy, which doesn't really work in a field that changes as insanely fast as computing does.

Ever know a guy whose music tastes is stuck in their teens/early 20s so they listen to ONLY music from that period? Yeah well seeing RMS address a room of 20 somethings as "hackers" (which is his standard greeting BTW) like it was 1974 and he was in a computer club meeting? yeah it felt exactly like that, watching Disco Dan talking about going to a BOC concert or seeing Foghat on some oldies tour, a guy stuck in time that refuses to accept that it isn't 1975 and computing is actually for the masses instead of a handful willing to write their own compilers and copying code from the back of Byte magazine.

Comment Re:They're going to be charging money for the OS s (Score 2) 295

I love how they use your bandwidth to send Windows Updates to others unless you know where to opt out, I'm sure there are gonna be a LOT of users on metered connections gonna be having a heart attack next month when they get their bill!

I'm advising my customers to avoid Win 10 for now, look I REALLY wanted to like Win 10, I really did, but it seems to be more of the ham fisted stupid shit we've been getting since Win 8 instead of a return to Win 7 greatness. the settings/control panel frankenstein clusterfuck, the datamining that makes Google look like they are privacy focused, I just haven't seen a thing that can't be had better by simply slapping Win 7 on an SSD. Even their "whiz bang" features like Cortana are slow, have a bad learning curve, and demand you give away pretty much any privacy to use the thing.

Sorry MSFT but at this point I'm even advising my Windows 8 customers to stay away, in fact Windows 8 plus Classic Shell is frankly better, with all the speed ups without the datamining and nickel and diming and you can grab Win 8 for $65 on Amazon, if you need a Windows OS and don't have the excellent Win 7 that is what I'd point customers to, Win 10 is just not worth what you give up.

BTW anybody else notice the insane astroturfing going on by MSFT trying to keep 10 from becoming another 8? Even sites like El Reg is seeing accounts that were dormant since the Win 8 release suddenly shooting down any complaints and singing the praises of Win 10 in market speak. Normally I condemn any talk of shills and astroturfing because...well I had customers that liked Windows ME, and there is everything from AMC Matador to Zune fanclubs because there will always be somebody who likes it no matter what it is, but just like previous ads by MSFT its just so.....well hamfisted and obvious, you can almost see the PHB standing behind the typist telling them to stay "on message" while going down a print out of a PPT with buzz words like "social integration" and "unified user experience". C'mon MSFT, if you are gonna turf at least do it well, half assed turfing is just lame.

Comment Re:Moore's law got stuck (Score 2) 98

Not on the AMD side as far as "bang for the buck" is concerned. In 2007 I paid $140 for a quad core CPU and last month I paid $132 for an octocore. Blows through transcodes like a boss and at $362 for the processor AND a gamer board AND 16GB of RAM? Its still got the bang for the buck like they did in 07.

Comment Re:Will Edge be ported to Windows 7? (Score 1, Redundant) 255

I fricking HATED Windows 8/8.1 with a fiery passion but I hate to say it WAS better than 10, why? Have you LOOKED at the fricking EULA for Windows 10? The datamining is fricking insane, it makes Google look like fricking privacy lovers by comparison!

I knew when they said it was "free" there would have to be a catch, but I figured it'd be another ham handed attempt to push Windows other products but daaayyum, if you don't spend the first hour removing apps and turning shit off you might as well just send all your data straight to fricking MSFT!

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