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Comment Re:Alberta not lesson enough? (Score 4, Informative) 121

I don't know Canadian politics, so not sure what you mean by your comment.

In the recent provincial election in Alberta (generally regarded as the core of the Conservatives (Stephen Harper's seat is in Alberta). It gets stereotyped as the Canadian version of Texas), the Progressive Conservative Party (who have held government in that province since 1971 (and before them, the also right-wing Social Credit Party held government since 1935) and before the election held 70 out of the 87 seats in the provincial legislature) were swept out by the social-democratic New Democratic Party. It was a really stunning reversal for the province that has been electing right-wing governments for longer than most have been alive to shift straight to our leftish party and, if the recent polling results are to be believed, it has given the federal NDP a serious boost and turned the upcoming federal election (which is expected to happen in October) into a three-way race.

Comment Re:Last Sentence... the point of this exercise. (Score 1) 317

Here's an example.

Surrette 24V, 856Ah bank for $2960. That's 20,544 watt-hours, or 10,272 at 50% DoD. That $0.276/effective watt-hour

Compared to 10,000 watt-hours out of Tesla's product, or 9,000 at 90% DoD, for $3500. That's $0.389/effective watt-hour.

The Li-ion is significantly more expensive, but as I said in my first reply, it won't take much more to drive the price of the Li-ion under that of the lead-acid. The price of Li-ion has literally halved over about the last 5 years and Tesla's gigafactory will only help that along.

Comment Re:Last Sentence... the point of this exercise. (Score 1) 317

Citation for what exactly? That lead-acid shouldn't generally be discharged below 50%? That a 20KW-hr nameplate lead-acid bank costs about $3500?

And how an I suggesting they fucked up by saying that a product announced last week is competitive with lead-acid? I am talking about this announcement making Li-ion competitive with lead-acid.

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