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Comment: This is Crazy (Score 3, Insightful) 310

by colganc (#29646101) Attached to: FTC States Bloggers Must Disclose Paid Reviews
I can't believe they're doing this. I don't care if a review is paid or not. If I can't think analytically or critical about a review(er) then I deserve what I get. How does the process even work. Can I go around submitting tons of accusations to an FTC site about any random blog? How are they defining a blog or blogger? How does a blogger defend themselves from accusations? On a separate issue, this is really terrible reporting. There is almost no information.

Comment: Newspaper Value (Score 2, Insightful) 219

by colganc (#29619583) Attached to: Postmortem for a Dead Newspaper
The main value in newspapers previously was their distribution network. They had a system in place to distribute information. Radio, TV, and the internet all compete with them for information systems. Each one added more competition, lower latency, and broader reach. In short they provided better value. A daily delivery of dead tree is a non-optimal delivery system. It is getting boring hearing about newspapers and TV news dieing. Why care? The replacement is here. It is better, faster, cheaper. It is the internet.

Comment: Re:only 30% more efficient? (Score 1) 569

by colganc (#28608835) Attached to: Incandescent Bulbs Return To the Cutting Edge
No it doesn't need to be regulated as the cost of the water would go up. You or your neighbor then cut back on the amount of water you use. If you don't cut back then there is enough money around to bring a supply of water that you are both demanding at that price point. No government regulation needed and the problem gets taken care of.

Comment: Re:Administration (Score 1) 753

by colganc (#27736733) Attached to: Obama Says 3% of GDP Should Fund Science Research And Development
"So what it boils down to is that the Republicans, by their actions, have proven that they firmly believe in deficit spending, that we can borrow an endless amount of money for whatever our government wants to do. So yes, party allegiance makes a difference: if they're Republicans, they simply don't believe in following a budget." That is what Obama is doing right now.

Comment: Re:Digging Holes (Score 1) 809

by colganc (#26365657) Attached to: $30B IT Stimulus Will Create Almost 1 Million Jobs
I'd like to spend the $5 where I want it spent. Preferably on something that makes me more productive. Might be food, might be entertainment, but I don't want to pay someone to dig holes. They could be producing something useful for the world. Digging holes will never be "responsible investing". It is no better than trading houses back and forth at increased prices each time. No where in my post did I say there should be neither no government nor taxation and I'm not quite sure where you're getting that from in my post. I do however sarcastically imply I want my money to be used productively instead of for hole digging.

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