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Comment Re:Ignore 99.9% of the recommendations (Score 1) 1838

I agree that Slashdot has a generally excellent format. Any changes should be made with great care, and with an eye to preserving what is good about the site. Slashdot has reached its current form after many years of refinement. It's unlikely that a "large overhaul" will improve more than it breaks. The users will tell you in comments what they dislike, even if you don't ask them to. They will tell you a lot. Welcome to Slashdot!

But for realzies, thanks for asking. I have been seeing some of the same complaints in comments over and over again for months, and nothing has been done about them. I am glad that you are listening to the users.

Comment Re:Judge Posner (Score 1) 563

I once went to see Richard Posner speak, and I was going to have him sign my Law and Economics textbook. But after he said "I think we should be able to detain someone indefinitely without trial if there's a judicial determination that they're dangerous," I got so angry at him that I just left. Richard Posner is a very smart judge who is not afraid to espouse unpopular or counter-intuitive ideas, and frequently angers many people including me.

Comment I wish I were 12 (Score 2) 126

... because then I would think this was so rad. Seriously, if my 12-year-old self had this game, he would have been in heaven. All I got back then was Rebel Assault, which blew my mind at the time because it came on a goddamn CD-ROM. Sadly, my older self does not share this enthusiasm. But to all you 12-year-olds out there, have a ball driving around in AT-STs.

Comment Re:Well, was it stronger than steel? (Score 3, Interesting) 74

Glass was always "stronger" than steel in that it will take more stress without bending. Glass will just shatter, whereas steel will bend but not break. Glass has more "strength," but steel has more "toughness." An article at Popular Science explores this distinction: "Strength refers to how much force a material can take before it deforms. Toughness explains the energy required to fracture or break something." The article is from 2011, and is entitled "NEW METALLIC GLASS BEATS STEEL AS THE TOUGHEST, STRONGEST MATERIAL YET."

Comment We prefer Type II errors (Score 2) 372

Our criminal justice system is biased in favor of Type II errors (false negatives), rather than Type I errors (false positives). We think it is worse to jail, kill, or harass an innocent person than to let a criminal go free. Recently, we have had a lot of Type I errors (false positives), and we have corrected our procedures to reduce this type of error. There is a corresponding rise in false negatives (criminals going free), but this is the way we have deliberately designed the system. We are going back to the way we want things to be.

Comment Laptop, monitor, speakers, Netflix (Score 1) 236

I just plug a laptop into an external monitor and some bookshelf speakers for Netflix/Hulu streaming. The monitor sits on an old piano bench in front of my bookshelves. When I want to use the monitor for my desktop computer, I unplug it and carry it across the room to my desk. I also have an old Android phone that I use just for music from Pandora/Spotify. I switch the speakers between the phone and the laptop by unplugging the audio cable from one and plugging it into the other.

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