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by cold fjord (#48208617) Attached to: Shooting At Canadian Parliament

"It's time to deal with radical Islamist extremists."

That sentence could be simplified to:

"It's time to deal with extremists."

Simplicity is beauty. And tends to get at the core of the problem.

Simplicity can be beauty when you haven't gone too far in simplifying the object of considertaion, removing so much that essential information is lost. That is what you did. You obscured the actual problem rather than clarifying it.

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You don't seem to have a good grasp of the American political spectrum. Just for clarity, yes the US really does have genuine Marxist / Leninist / Trotskyist / Maoist flavored communist parties. Bernie Sanders is a self-described socialist that caucuses with the Democrats, and is well to the left. There aren't a lot of moderate Democrats anymore since they have largely been driven from the party by the "progressives." There is no shortage of liberal or "progressive" Democrats, including actual communists that want to hold office in their lifetime. You can see Van Jones for an example of that. If the Republicans look "bat shit insane" to you it probably means you are well into loony left territory yourself since the Republicans are a liberal-right to center-right party committed to democracy, civil rights, and free enterprise.

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I see you're using "special" terminology in which "fraud" more or less has the meaning of payments for care to the elderly. In that case it has been a "marvelous success" which in ordinary language is commonly known as a minor disaster. But chin up, worse is yet to come.

After One Year, Obamacare’s Biggest Achievement: Hiding Its Cost

And a minor clarification is needed, Obamacare was written by Progressive lobbyists and Democrats, not think tanks on the right. Even if there are some similarities there are also substantial and important differences.

But now I'm curious, are you truly so uncurious that it never crossed your mind to investigate why think tanks on the right abandoned those policies, why they decided they were in fact bad ideas?

Also, you can thank the Democratic party in general, and Ted Kennedy in particular, for blocking one or more generally similar schemes in the past. The Democrats did the right thing for the wrong reason then. Now they did the wrong thing for the wrong reasons and we'll all be paying.

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News flash: Romney was never elected President. (I do understand the logic, you can't 'blame" this on Bush, can you?)

I'll just leave this right here for you.

I can understand trying to weasel out from being blamed for that turkey, but it isn't going to happen. You can try to make all the excuses you want, but at the end of the day Obamacare was written by Democrats and "Progressive" lobbyists, amended with juicy pork to bribe Democrats to not bail on it, passed by Democratic votes, and signed by a Democratic president. Ownership: Democrats - lock, stock, and barrel. Blame: Democrats - start to finish.

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Unfortunately we tend to suck at this kind of introspection. If we had asked, the most glaring weakness in our system, "Not everybody has medical coverage", might have been considered. Then when a sick black man recently arrived from West Africa came to the hospital without medical insurance we might have thought "EBOLA" and treated him right away, instead of thinking "poor Nigger, not gonna pay his bills" and sent him home with some Tylenol.

Like most nations America can struggle with introspection. But you know what? There is an ever bigger problem, one of far greater significance that even undermines the democratic system of government. Do you know what that is? Lying through your ass when the facts are either known or knowable to achieve your ends, as it appears you may have just done. Thomas Duncan, the ebola patient, wasn't sent home because as you put it, "poor Nigger, not gonna pay his bills." He was misdiagnosed. That isn't hard to understand. It isn't hard to get right.

Timeline details missteps with Ebola patient who died

The record shows the physician "gathered personal history and health data" directly from Duncan and his companion. The data "reveal that Mr. Duncan and his companion advised that he was a 'local resident,' that he had not been in contact with sick people, and that he had not experienced nausea, vomiting or diarrhea" — symptoms of Ebola.

The physical examination of Duncan "was remarkable only for nasal congestion and a runny nose along with mild abdominal tenderness."

Duncan was given Extra Strength Tylenol and intravenous saline solution at 1:24 a.m.

Various lab tests all came back within normal ranges.

At 3:02 a.m., Duncan's temperature was 103 Fahrenheit. Thirty minutes later, it had eased to 101.2, and he was discharged five minutes later.

The diagnosis: "sinusitis and abdominal pain." The physician noted that "patient is feeling better and comfortable with going home."

Duncan, who had traveled to Dallas to visit family and prepare to marry, returned to the hospital Sept. 30 and was diagnosed with Ebola

At best your capacity for introspection seems to have failed you. Or are you one of those people still going hammer and tongs for Obamacare and government run healthcare so that we can all enjoy the "benefits" of the VA health system (and its many recently publicized failings) or Medicare? Do you ever reflect on that? Do you ever reflect on the possibility that false data can lead to bad decisions even when making public policy?

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The only reason why he is "not qualified" is that NRA decided they will "Score" this vote. Congress critters are afraid to tarnish their 100% NRA approved record. *sigh*

Although it may be appealing in some respects to accept at face value your claim that the Democrats running the Senate are adverse to being held accountable, as they have previously demonstrated, it turns out there is more to it. The "nominee" isn't up to standard to be considered for the office.

The Left, Hoping the Lack of a Surgeon General Becomes a Huge Issue

Today on Ronan Farrow’s MSNBC program, the host invited former surgeon general Richard Carmona, who served under President Bush, on the program. The former surgeon general offered a bluntly harsh assessment that Murthy was “a young man who has great potential, but just a few years out of training, with no public health training or experience” and “a resume that only stands out because he was the co-founder of Doctors for Obama.” Carmona made similar comments on Fox News a few days ago.

“So substantive objections as well as well as partisan ones,” Farrow said quickly, moving on from the interview.

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Do you remember the last time Obama declared that we "don't have a plan" because the conditions in Syria were complex and required addition time to evaluate the various options? Yeah, that honesty in leadership went over well, despite the fact that he made it clear that evaluating what was an exceptionally complex set of conditions could go horribly wrong if played incorrectly.

If you do that up front it might be honesty. After a crisis has been brewing for years and exacerbated by inaction, bad decisions, poor diplomacy, and bad strategy is looks like what it is: poor leadership.

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by cold fjord (#48200307) Attached to: Facebook To DEA: Stop Using Phony Profiles To Nab Criminals

Government thugs have no business deciding what recreational drugs people put into their own bodies.

If the government is going to have to pick up the pieces from your bad choices that leave you a drooling vegetable, insane, a criminal addict, or dead, the public is probably going to want something done about it since you seem to lack the capacity for sound decisions.

We're supposed to be 'the land of the free and the home of the brave,' so freedom should take priority over safety (false or otherwise); bodily freedom, especially.

America is the land of the free and home of the brave, but that isn't a synonym for land of the fool and home of the debouched. Your nonsense ideas about how things should be are mainly a collection of bad ideas contrary to the philosophical underpinnings of the country, ... threadbare as they appear at times.

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