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+ - Brazilians Launch "Squeaky-Clean" Facebook Competitor, 100k Join First Month->

An anonymous reader writes: The Telegraph reports, "It all started three years ago when Mr Barros and three other devout Christian colleagues working at the mayor's office in Ferraz de Vasconcelos, near Brazil's financial capital Sao Paulo, decided there was a market for a squeaky-clean version of Facebook. ... With help from the Ferraz de Vasconcelos mayor's own pocket, they set up a business with about $16,000 in start-up money and Facegloria was born. Anyone can sign up to, but if they do, they better mind how they behave. Swearing is banned ... as is any violent or erotic content ... "We want to be morally and technically better than Facebook. ... Behind the scenes, more than 20 volunteers patrol online to weed out bad language and to decide whether or not to allow potentially risqué selfies and bikini shots. ... But the morality police don't have a hard job. "Our public doesn't publish these kinds of photos," said one of the volunteers ... Mr Barros expects Facegloria to become online Brazil's go-to site. "In two years we hope to get to 10 million users in Brazil. In a month we have had 100,000 and in two we are expecting a big increase thanks to a mobile phone app," he said. Acir dos Santos, the mayor of Ferraz de Vasconcelos, says there's no limit. "Our network is global. We have bought the Faceglory domaine in English and in all possible languages. We want to take on Facebook and Twitter here and everywhere," he said. "
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Comment: Not Computational RAM (Score 4, Interesting) 52 52

At first I thought they might be doing some flavor of Computational RAM, but they did something rather different. The system is analog. And it is suggested memristors could provide useful in implementation of similar systems.

Just a couple sections I found interesting FTA:

As we discuss in the following paragraphs, the machine we built is analog and hence would be scalable to very large numbers of memprocessors only in the absence of noise or using some error-correcting codes. This problem derives from the fact that in the present realization, we use the frequencies of the collective state to encode information, and to maintain the energy of the system bounded, the amplitudes of the frequencies are dampened exponentially with the number of memprocessors involved. However, this latter limitation is due to the particular choice of encoding the information in the collective state and could be overcome by using other realizations of digital memcomputing machines and using error-correcting codes. For example in (8), two of the authors (F.T. and M.D.) proposed a different way to encode a quadratic information overhead in a network of memristors that is not subject to this energy bound.

These properties ultimately derive from a different type of architecture: the topology of memcomputing machines is defined by a network of interacting memory cells (memprocessors), and the dynamics of this network are described by a collective state that can be used to store and process information simultaneously. This collective state is reminiscent of the collective (entangled) state of many qubits in quantum computation, where the entangled state is used to solve efficiently certain types of problems such as factorization (9). Here, we prove experimentally that such collective states can also be implemented in classical systems by fabricating appropriate networks of memprocessors, thus creating either linear or nonlinear combinations out of the states of each memprocessor. The result is the first proof of concept of a machine able to solve an NP-complete problem in polynomial time using collective states.

In summary, we have demonstrated experimentally a deterministic memcomputing machine that is able to solve an N P -complete problem in polynomial time (actually in one step) using only polynomial resources. The actual machine we built clearly suffers from technological limitations, that impair its scalability due to unavoidable noise. These limitations derive from the fact that we encode the information directly into frequencies, and so ultimately into energy. This issue could, however, be overcome either using error correcting codes or with other UMMs that use other ways to encode such information and are digital at least in their input and output. Irrespective, this machine represents the first experimental realization of a UMM that uses the collective state of the whole memprocessor network to exploit the information overhead theoretically introduced in (8). Finally, it is worth mentioning that the machine we have fabricated is not a general purpose one. However, other realizations of UMMs are general purpose and can be easily built with available technology (22–26). Their practical realization would thus be a powerful alternative to current Turing-like machines.

Comment: Re:He lies in his work too (Score 1) 143 143

He edited a leaked video, which the US Government had claimed did not exist.

Could you expand on that? Did they actually say it didn't exist, or that you can't have it? Or did they say something else entirely? What is the basis for claiming they lied?

Comment: Re:France (Score 1) 143 143

Oh, I get it! Saying something untrue which someone else learns of ...

So you are in effect saying that Assange didn't deliberately plant the story? Maybe you should revisit the question of, "do you get it".

C'mon! I expect much better propaganda than this for my tax dollars!

I post my own opinions in my spare time. If you want someone from the government here, or government funding for someone, write your Congressman. It will help if you aren't an ass about it (like that comment).

Comment: Re:This affects you personally, yes? (Score 1) 143 143

I am tolerant

Tu le rant, en effet

... of alternate views but you sockpuppets really should just go somewhere else. your cover is blown ...

You like people to agree with you. When they do not: "sockpuppet!" I seldom agree with you, hence the outrage. Nothing has changed in 10 years.

yes - I am quite sure that there are many paid and unpaid (not directly) people who are doing all they can to discredit those who are the real heros.

On the contrary, I honour real heros ....

French Resistance heroes inducted into Pantheon in Paris
Veterans to receive French Legion of Honor for World War II service
'British Schindler' Sir Nicholas Winton dies aged 106

. . . and call others to justice ....

Julian Assange Demands Rape Case Files Before Sweden Questions Him

It is Independence Day in the United States. Do you celebrate, or mourn?

Comment: Re:This affects you personally, yes? (Score 1) 143 143

Assange was publicly exposed as a jerk long ago. These aren't even the really choice stories.

WikiLeaks rival plans Monday launch after internal split, founders say

Another former WikiLeaks staffer said he had brought up his discontent with Assange, but that the WikiLeaks founder had not wanted to listen.

"Eventually this ended with me arguing with Julian about basically his dictatorial behavior, which ended in Julian saying to me that if I had a problem with him I could just 'piss off,' I quote," Herbert Snorreson said.

Lifting the Lid on WikiLeaks: An Inside Look at Difficult Negotiations with Julian Assange

For some time now, Julian Assange has been sparring with New York Times Executive Editor Bill Keller. ...

Keller describes the stormy relationship with WikiLeaks founder Assange, comparing the Australian to a character straight out of a Stieg Larsson thriller, "a man who could figure either as a hero or villain." Keller claims that the journalists who worked with Assange saw him as a "source," a man who "clearly had his own agenda," and was not a "partner or collaborator."

Keller goes on to describe Assange as being "elusive, manipulative and volatile." He also writes that Assange's relationship with the New York Times became "openly hostile," and, in the end, the Australian wanted to exclude the newspaper from publishing any further WikiLeaks documents in the future.

The treachery of Julian Assange
Are Wikileaks Activists Finally Realizing Their Founder Is a Megalomaniac?
The Sexual Demigod: Wikileaks Founder Worshipped By Christian Women

Comment: Rather odd timing... (Score 3, Interesting) 143 143

That makes for rather "odd" timing, don't you think? Just days after Wikileaks leaks pilfered documents revealing NSA spying in France Assange makes an open appeal to be "invited" to France, and throws in everything but the kitchen sink in the appeal?

... In his letter to Hollande, Assange said that the mother of his youngest child is French. He said he is restricted to a space of 5.5 square meters (60 square feet), lacking access to “fresh air, sun as well as any possibility to go to a hospital,” and noted that police say round-the-clock surveillance of him has cost $17.6 million."

"only France now has the ability to offer me the necessary protection against, and exclusively against, the political persecution that I am currently the object of". Such an offer of protection would be a "humanitarian and symbolic gesture" and send a message of encouragement "to journalists and whistleblowers around the world".

It seems that the attempted quid pro quo failed. SInce there are no doubt many French people in solidarity with Wikileaks that have access to secrets I suppose France should brace itself for retaliation by Wikileaks. That could be a much more dangerous game for Assange than what he has played with the Americans. The French state is known to play rough when it feels it is needed in ways that the Americans are very unlikely to match.

+ - Assange Makes Plea For Asylum After Leaking Details Of NSA Spying On French Pols->

An anonymous reader writes: The NY Post reports, "Assange wrote a letter to French President Francois Hollande published in Le Monde on Friday, appealing to France’s history as a beacon for the repressed. He noted that WikiLeaks recently revealed that the US National Security Agency spied on Hollande and his two predecessors and leading French companies. Hollande quickly said “no.” In a statement, his office noted that Assange is under a European arrest warrant and his life is not in imminent danger. ... French Justice Minister Christine Taubira suggested in a televised interview last week that she would be open to the idea. ... Assange has spent three years in the Ecuadorean Embassy in London ... In his letter to Hollande, Assange said that the mother of his youngest child is French. He said he is restricted to a space of 5.5 square meters (60 square feet), lacking access to “fresh air, sun as well as any possibility to go to a hospital,” and noted that police say round-the-clock surveillance of him has cost $17.6 million." — 9News adds, "... In his open letter ... Assange described himself as a "journalist pursued and threatened with death by the United States' authorities as a result of my professional activities" ... "only France now has the ability to offer me the necessary protection against, and exclusively against, the political persecution that I am currently the object of". Such an offer of protection would be a "humanitarian and symbolic gesture" and send a message of encouragement "to journalists and whistleblowers around the world". Assange said in his letter he had not seen his youngest child or the child's mother, who are both French, for five years. "I have had to keep their existence secret up to today in order to protect them," he wrote. " — also noted: "WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has denied filing a request for asylum in France "
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+ - Noted Star Trek Actor Embroiled In Controversy Doubles Down On Racist Remarks->

cold fjord writes: The Washington Times reports, "Gay activist and former “Star Trek” supporting actor George Takei doubled down on his “clown in blackface” attack on Supreme Court Clarence Thomas on Thursday night and implied that the jurist was a race traitor for not striking down state marriage laws last week. In a Facebook post, Mr. Takei said that blackface is not racist and/or that it is acceptable for an outsider to tell a black man that he is a racist caricature. He also used an analogy that would imply that Justice Thomas is actually white. “‘Blackface’ is a lesser known theatrical term for a white actor who blackens his face to play a black buffoon,” Mr. Takei wrote on his Facebook page Thursday evening. “In traditional theater lingo, and in my view and intent, that is not racist. It is instead part of a racist history in this country.” In addition to being used by white actors, blackface was also sometimes used by black actors on stage and film to look darker than they were and/or to play even-more-racist-than-usual caricatures. Mr. Takei also continued his criticism of Justice Thomas’s dissent in Obergefell vs. Hodges, and added another racial angle to it. In his Thursday night Facebook post, Mr. Takei said this opinion also proved Justice Thomas was no longer really black."
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