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Comment Re:I find swatting (Score 1) 183

I find swatting ... Endlessly amusing. I find it amusing because it exposes a fundamental flaw in telecom systems.

You're quite mistaken there. It isn't a "fundamental flaw in telecom systems," it is a flaw in the social system. Fortunately there is an excellent patch for this issue. The problem is that it isn't used enough. If the patch was applied more regularly the problem would be likely to pretty much disappear. Will you be volunteering to demonstrate?

Comment Re:Security theater (Score 2) 136

Letting all of your potential allies be destroyed before you lift a finger is a bad strategy if you actually want to have allies for the fight. If the US wouldn't have gone to war while Britain was still in it things would have been very dark indeed. In that case it would be unlikely that the US would liberate Europe itself from the continental US. Europe's future would be slavery under the Soviet Union, Germany, or Italy. That wouldn't bode well for the US.

As directed by Moscow, Communists in the US and Europe opposed war to to aid that other "fine bunch of socialists" running Germany. That changed once the Soviet Union was invaded.

Using the power of the state to commit mass slaughter of civilians whether by violence or starvation is a very different thing than open warfare against a peer state.

Comment Re:Security theater (Score 1) 136

It was poor against poor whilst the rich raked in the rewards.

I think you have probably gotten hold of some defective history there. WW1 was a disaster for the old order in Europe. The privileged were tallied on the butcher's bill just as the poor.

The real Eton Rifles: the heroism of public school boys in the First World War

Public school alumni suffered disproportionately heavy losses during the Great War. Whereas some 11 per cent of all those who served in the war died as a direct result of the fighting, the figure for public school boys was over 18 per cent. Those who left school between 1908 and 1915 died at even higher rates, serving on the front line as junior officers or as pilots in the Royal Flying Corps. The losses sustained by the upper and middle classes were heavy. Lord Salisbury, who was prime minister until 1902, was not untypical in losing five of his ten grandsons. Whatever else, the products of public schools were not shirkers. The vast majority could not have been more different to Captain Blackadder.

Heavy war debt, significant losses to manpower, ruined economies, .... WW1 was no great bounty to the nations that fought it.

The Communists opposed war against Germany while the Soviet Union was friends with them after having singed a non-aggression pact, invaded and split Poland's territory, and committed the Katyn massacre.

In WW2 it wasn't just the poor that got killed.

Comment Re:Security theater (Score 1) 136

War Is a Racket by retired United States Marine Corps Major General and two time Medal of Honor recipient Smedley D. Butler :)

When on the battlefield Smedley Butler was among the bravest and greatest warriors the US has produced.

When engaging in politics Smedley Butler partook of crank fringe politics, threw in with Communists, and tried to delay the US entry into WW2.

I would find his views about assaulting a fortress to be highly interesting, and his views about governing to be nonsense.

It's sad to see you recommending him.

Comment Re:Worse than clickbait ! (Score 1) 383

Originally, as in the start of the current crisis. It even mentions it i the article you linked to. Didn't you read it? It seems likely you didn't.
For all of the song and dance you just provided I don't see anything showing "profits" in the CAR.
Terrorism isn't a business, but some business engage in terrorism to support their business. Example: Narco-terrorists in Central/South America
Terrorism isn't a business, but some terrorist groups engage in business or crime to get the funds to continue fighting for their goal. Example: Hezbollah has thousands of agents in the US, many of them engaging in cigarette smuggling to get funds for the main organization. Al Qaeda used kidnapping and bank robberies to fund itself in Iraq.
There is little mystery in most of this except what on earth you are going on about.

Comment Re:Worse than clickbait ! (Score 1) 383

Well, well, what do I find at your link?

The brutalities began to escalate when the country’s first Muslim leader, Michel Djotodia, stepped down and went into exile last month. Djotodia, who had seized power in a coup last March, had been under pressure from regional leaders to resign. ...

Christians have also been victims of violence, targeted by Muslims in this complex communal conflict that U.N. and humanitarian officials fear could implode into genocide. Several hundred thousand Christians remain in crowded, squalid camps, unable or too afraid to return home.
. . .
Djotodia’s departure weakened the former Muslim rebels, known as Seleka, who carried out deadly attacks on Christians after they grabbed power in March, prompting the birth of Christian militias called the anti-balaka, or “anti-machete” in the local Sango language. The armed vigilantes have used the power vacuum to step up assaults on Muslims.

In summary - Muslims seize power and attack Christians, Christians defend themselves and drive off Muslims, you blame Christians.

Your "progressive" credentials are impeccable.

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