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Comment: Re:Infinity (Score 1) 1067 1067

Asking what is X divided by zero is no different than asking what is Y plus red, or what is Z times pineapple.

I say focus on a proper mathematical answer for multiplying by blue first, and then apply it to the equally nonsensical divide by zero question.

Everybody knows that Z times pineapple is the square root of unicorn - by definition.

Comment: Re:The downside is taxpayers... (Score 1) 283 283

Internet access is nearly as important as electricity in our modern age.

Perhaps. But why not just give the poor a basic income supplement, and let them decide for themselves what to spend it on? Some of them may use it for Internet, but others may use it to buy food or medicine. Why should the government presume to know their priorities better than they do.

Golly, I wonder if any politicians supporting this program received campaign contributions from Comcast and TWC.

Because then conservatives would complain that the poor spend their government subsidy on non-essentials. Just look at Republican efforts to prevent food stamps from being used for food they consider "luxury" items, like sushi.


Samsung Cellphone Keyboard Software Vulnerable To Attack 104 104

Adesso writes: A serious security problem in the default Samsung keyboard installed on many of the company's cellphones has been lurking since December 2014 (CVE-2015-2865). When the phone tries to update the keyboard, it fails to encrypt the executable file. This means attackers on the same network can replace the update file with a malicious one of their own. Affected devices include the Galaxy S6, S5, S4, and S4 mini — roughly 600 million of which are in use. There's no known fix at the moment, aside from avoiding insecure Wi-Fi networks or switching phones. The researcher who presented these findings at the Blackhat security conference says Samsung has provided a patch to carriers, but he can't find out if any of them have applied the patch. The bug is currently still active on the devices he tested.

Comment: Re:Location services? (Score 1) 130 130

Well, the app could require it or not function. It would be nice if the OS had an option to always feed false location information to an app. It could always report that you were in Antarctica, or a maximum security prison, or the white house, or any of your favorite places.
The Media

Pirate Party Founder Rick Falkvinge Launches News Service 66 66

New submitter lillgud writes: Rick Falkvinge, founder of the first Pirate Party, has unveiled a news service to compete against "oldmedia." The news stories will be three sentences in length, and distributed within shareable images. Falkvinge says this obviates certain parts of the industry — for example, there will be no need for clickbait headlines, because there's nothing to click on. The business model is based around advertising, but those ads will simply be a watermark on the image. Thus, no worries about adblock, and no concerns about ad networks collecting information from users. The service is targeted to be operational in Q3. Each writer will be paid in accordance to a revenue sharing model, and Falkvinge's goal is for each part-time writer to receive €125/month in exchange for four stories (12 sentences).

Report: Russia and China Crack Encrypted Snowden Files 546 546

New submitter garyisabusyguy writes with word that, according to London's Sunday Times, "Russia and China have cracked the top-secret cache of files stolen by the fugitive US whistleblower Edward Snowden, forcing MI6 to pull agents out of live operations in hostile countries, according to senior officials in Downing Street, the Home Office and the security services," and suggests this non-paywalled Reuters version, too. "MI6 has decided that it is too dangerous to operate in Russia or China," writes the submitter. "This removes intelligence capabilities that have existed throughout the Cold War, and which may have helped to prevent a 'hot' nuclear war. Have the actions of Snowden, and, apparently, the use of weak encryption, made the world less safe?"

EPA Says No Evidence That Fracking Has "Widespread" Impact On Drinking Water 266 266

sycodon writes: A long-awaited EPA report on hydraulic fracturing concludes that the extraction process has "not led to widespread, systemic impacts on drinking water resources." The report also cautions of potential contamination of water supplies if safeguards are not maintained. "The study was undertaken over several years and we worked very closely with industry throughout the process," Tom Burke, EPA's science advisor and deputy assistant administrator of EPA's Office of Research and Development, said on a conference call hosted by the agency.

Comment: Re:Wrote POS System Software (Score 1) 90 90

Also, don't use a loyalty program.

Just use someone else's. They all take a phone number as "alternate ID." You can even try a few before one works. "Um, I can't remember which phone number I signed up under." Or just use Jenny's 867-5309. Apparently, it's taken in most area codes.

Comment: Re:That poor man (Score 1) 272 272

Cal residential rates average about 15cents/kwh, a 2.5KWH panel would need about 17.8 cents per kwh to save them $818 in the first year.

I don't know where you get your data, but I'm assuming that's the state average. In urban areas it is higher, much higher, especially if you go over "baseline." When I lived in Orange County we were never within baseline, because we actually turned on lights, cooked food, watched TV, and dared to run the AC when it was 100 degrees.


A Text Message Can Crash An iPhone and Force It To Reboot 248 248

DavidGilbert99 writes with news that a bug in iOS has made it so anyone can crash an iPhone by simply sending it a text message containing certain characters. "When the text message is displayed by a banner alert or notification on the lockscreen, the system attempts to abbreviate the text with an ellipsis. If the ellipsis is placed in the middle of a set of non-Latin script characters, including Arabic, Marathi and Chinese, it causes the system to crash and the phone to reboot." The text string is specific enough that it's unlikely to happen by accident, and users can disable text notification banners to protect themselves from being affected. However, if a user receives the crash-inducing text, they won't be able to access the Messages app without causing another crash. A similar bug crashed applications in OS X a few years ago.

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