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Journal: three times linux

Journal by cobbaut

This week i'm teaching my third linux training this year. Four more are scheduled before April 1st! 2005 will be the year of linux.


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Journal: China plans nine launch missions

Journal by cobbaut

submitted this story...

China plans nine launch missions this year as its space program plays catch up with the United States.

seconds later it was rejected...

pol :)

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Journal: microsoft - belgian in space - up to mars - EU

Journal by cobbaut

...yeah yeah...i still teach Microsoft courses...why you ask....because people pay me to do so...and a guy has to earn some money...

and hehe...we have a Belgian in space now...flew to ISS with the Russians...

i'm still waiting for a decent project in sending people to stay there...i guess we'll have to wait for the economy to catch up again...hope the EU rocks in a couple of years...

cheers ;-)

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Journal: Jack Russel

Journal by cobbaut

bought a puppy...female Jack Russel...named her Buffy...
She kills everything...pillows, newspapers, flies, blankets, stones, doors, her lair, plants, speakers, fake bananas...
...oh and she pees everywhere too ;-)
lovely puppy...

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