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Comment: Re:Republicans and their unhealthy space obscessio (Score 1) 110

by cobbaut (#49724139) Attached to: Robotic Space Plane Launches In Mystery Mission This Week

5) There is nothing wrong with a good test platform.

Really? Now imagine what the posts on this article would be like if this was a Russian or a Chinese 'test platform'. It would be panic all over the place and 'invasion of our air space' etcetera. But somehow it's okay for the US to have secret military 'test platforms'.

Comment: Morgan Freeman? Indiegogo ? (Score 1) 150

by cobbaut (#49709445) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Best Payloads For Asteroid Diverter/Killer Mission?

Why bother with Morgan Freeman or Indiegogo for asteroids when there is real information out there.

What are asteroids (90 minutes with a NASA expert):

What can we do against asteroids (again 90 minutes with an expert):

Form your opinion after you see these.

Comment: Re:Macbook & Dell (Score 1) 97

by cobbaut (#48679209) Attached to: My laptop lasts on battery for ...

I totally agree ... my mid-2010 macbook pro still holds about 89% of the original charge and lasts about 6 hours on battery in regular usage. It helps that it has only had about 170 full cycles (information obtained using coconut battery for mac).

Not a mac zealot here, but I can confirm. My mid-2010 macbook pro has been plugged in most of the time, yet it can survive a workday on battery attached to a projector/beamer from 9 a.m. till 4 p.m. (with screen blank during three 30 minute breaks).

Comment: Re:disastrous (Score 0) 97

by cobbaut (#47840047) Attached to: Alibaba's US IPO Could Top $20 Billion

What you say is simply not true.
I have ordered eight times from Alibaba this year and all items arrived on time, complete and properly labeled. It is much cheaper than any other website and well designed (easy confirmation of arrival, clear evaluation of sellers and buyers, good tracking of products, ...).
My guess is Amazon/Ebay and others better hurry to improve their service, because this is one very well organized giant invading their market.

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