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Comment Re:Discriminatory? (Score 1) 173

I worked for a manufacturing facility in CT that had several offices as well as an actual manufacturing plant. During the summer and other peak usage times, the local power company would give us massive reductions in cost or provide credits of tens of thousands of dollars, JUST to turn off half of the fluorescent lights in the offices for at least 4 hours.

Where I live now, the local pulp mill can generate power with residual steam that normally runs the paper machines. During high load times when the power company pays them more, they will actually STOP producing paper because its more profitable to generate electricity on those days.

Comment Re:Nine years of pair programming? (Score 2) 186

I was a long term contractor at a rather large international company that recently outsourced all their IT, which included application development, to an India based company.

I've had to deal with the client and the new support company several times over the last year and I agree that the mindset is completely different. They tend to work in teams of 2 or 3 with only one person doing any actual work at any given time. I'd love to say that the this results in either increased productivity or a better code base but I haven't seen any examples of that.

Comment Re:memory loss defence? (Score 2) 602

This is also the first thing that popped into my head when I read the story. H1-B workers are only supposed to be brought in if there are no American workers that are capable of doing the job available. If that's so then why are you letting the current workers go but keeping them on retainer? Surely they are capable of doing the job if you are keeping them on retainer, thus the H1-B workers is in violation of the intent of the H1-B program.

This looks like an incredible opportunity to take legal action against the entire program and expose it for what it really is, a Visa loophole exploited by American companies to screw higher paying US workers.

Comment Re:So what is the answer? (Score 1) 155

Private clubs are exempt from ADA compliance, all Uber has to do is charge a one time 'Membership Fee' before you can use their service.

User seems to only exist in places where there are already taxi services. Taxi service already have vehicles that service handicapped people. Why would a handicapped person insist on using a service that isn't equipped to accommodate them instead of just calling a cab that IS?

This is like those lawyers that drive around small towns looking for businesses that aren't wheelchair accessible and then suing them.

Comment Re:We had to go homegrown... (Score 1) 137

A large company I did contract work for also ended up having me design and build an in-house system to track assets. Many of their sites were using different scripts to collect data with no standardization.

My system uses a WinForm front end that makes WMI calls to devices on a configurable IP Address range (the range can be set at run time or ranges can be stored in the database to quickly re-scan specific sites). It collects all the device model information and also lists the installed software. There is also an intranet Web based component that allows asset maintenance, printing of asset tags, associating users with assets. All in all it's a pretty robust system that I've used with other companies.

Contact me if you're interested in seeing if it fits in with your requirements.

Comment Re:Would you kindly cut out the political crap? (Score 4, Informative) 302

If you still have any respect for this forum within Slashdot, would you kindly cut out your political crap, please?

As this is a thread discussing the action of GREEDY ASSHOLES of the Music Industry, can you please stick to the context?

Subservience to the vested elite is not limited to the Conservatives - the critters on the other side of the isle, the Liberals, have also proven to be doing the same thing

It is thus an utter disgust for you kind to pollute this conversation by astroturfing the 'conservative vs liberal' debate

Extending copyright is a legislative action which means it has to be enacted by politicians. Those 'GREEDY ASSHOLES' you refer to would not be able to get away with their heavy handed tactics if they didn't have political clout through lobbying and campaign finance.

Comment Re:it could have been an accident (Score 2) 737

Simply falling on this switch wouldnt cause it to change positions - it requires a deliberate act to do so, the switch requires a certain force to pull up and then move to one position or another, its not like accidentally changing channels on your TV because you sat on the remote.

According to this video, the switch does not need to be lifted before being switched into the lock position

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