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+ - Anti-Piracy Group Refuses Bait, DRM Breaker Goes T->

Submitted by coaxial
coaxial (28297) writes "In Denmark, it's legal to make copies of commercial videos for backup or other private purposes. It's also illegal to break the DRM that restricts copying of DVDs. Deciding to find out which law mattered, Henrik Anderson reported himself for 100 violations of the DRM-breaking law (he ripped his DVD collection to his computer) and demanded that the Danish anti-piracy Antipiratgruppen do something about. They promised him a response, then didn't respond. So now he's reporting himself to the police. He wants a trial, so that the legality of the DRM-breaking law can be tested in court."
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+ - Royal Society Puts 60 Seminal Scientific Papers On->

Submitted by coaxial
coaxial (28297) writes "In celebration of it's 350th anniversary, The Royal Society of London for the Improvement of Natural Knowledge (aka The Royal Society), has placed 60 of the most revolutionary scientific papers it has published online. Highlights include the first paper describing blood transfusion from 1666, Newton's paper on light and color from 1672, to Stephen Hawking's work on black holes."
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+ - Ada Lovelace Biopic Needs Support->

Submitted by coaxial
coaxial (28297) writes "Film maker Rosemarie Reed has been in touch with me about a film she's planning called Byron and Babbage: A Calculating Story. Based on Ada Lovelace's letters, it will be a feature-length documentary with some dramatic readings and will air on PBS National. Rosemarie needs to gather letters of support from the community — from people who feel that Ada is an important figure."
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+ - Gunman and Hostage killed at Johnson Space Center

Submitted by coaxial
coaxial (28297) writes "CNN among others are reporting the end of a hostage standoff at Building 44 of Johnson Space Center. The unidentified gunman took two hostages, and after a standoff with police on the second floor of the building apparently shot both of the hostages and himself. One of the hostages died at the scene and the other was rushed to a nearby hospital.

No doubt this one of several copycat incidents we can expect in the coming weeks."

+ - Sealand For Sale

Submitted by coaxial
coaxial (28297) writes "Everyone's favorite digital haven and nation of questionable legitimacy, Sealand is up for sale. (Link in Spanish only.) Technically you're not buying the countyr, but rather "custodianship" of the platform and all property within the "country". All of which can be yours for the low low price of 750 million euros."

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