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Comment: There is now way this can be done for everyone (Score 1) 647

by cntThnkofAname (#32278560) Attached to: Australia Air Travelers' Laptops To Be Searched For Porn
I don't see how this is feasible by any means. There is so much ambiguity involved... For example: Does looking at porn online and not clearing my cookies or browser data constitute as porn? If the porn is in a temp folder does that count because as soon as I turn of my computer then the will no longer be there. If I delete the porn it's still recoverable with some tools... does that count?

I can also see this being bad for geeks. What happens if they doubt me and force me to turn on my laptop and it boots to a CLI? They'd probably confiscate it and tear it appart to find out what sort of commy-porn-smuggeling-system I'm using...

What if I have the porn stored in a vm on my machine? Do those guys even know what a vm is? What if I have a totally unsuspecting laptop and I'm actually trying to smuggle porn by store in on a disc partition and clearing the disc information from fstab (or windows equivalent so as not to be suspicious)?

There is so much grey area, and like so many of you said this will be a giant waste of time. I believe the most this will do is infuriate many of us who use unfamiliar systems and get them confiscated because of it.

Comment: I'll jump on the band wagon (Score 1) 753

by cntThnkofAname (#32251266) Attached to: Why I Steal Movies (Even Ones I'm In)
I recently moved hemispheres and all the dvd's I own wont work on my fresh home theater system. Only option was to buy them again or download them and burn them myself. I'm sure you can guess what I did.

If you buy a movie it's yours to keep and watch... unless u move... then the mpaa says u can't watch it anymore :/

Comment: Re:Awww what a shame (Score 1) 81

by cntThnkofAname (#32251050) Attached to: Microsoft To Pay $200M In Patent Dispute
Yea, is it just me, or does microsoft seem to constantly be getting caught for stealing code? It's almost as if they could care less what the license says and just include it in their products because if they get caught they can afford to settle the dispute, but if they don't they get away with stealing and making a profit.

perhaps there should be someone (not a MS employee) hired to review code to see just how many infringements their are...

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