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Comment Re:old news (Score 0) 289

It's so enlightening to read what nerds have to say about things they know absolutely nothing about, namely marketing and how big corporations work. The new formats are not DOA. How can a movie company market a piece of digital information? They can market a disk package easily, but how do you market something that only exists entirely as nothing tangible. Has this idiot ever walked into a Mall and seen DVD sections in department stores? You see that's how MOST people buy things.Most people aren't techno wizards, and most importantly never will be. There's this stupid notion among computer people that one day everyone will be like them. Not happening. Most people want to do things the way they've always done them, and large companies wnat them to do that because they sell more that way. Saying the new formats are DOA simply because there is better technology around is naive and ignorant. We've had the technology to send a manned flight to Mars since the early 70s, so what?

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