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Comment: Re:An excellent BSD (Score 1) 43

by cmad_x (#12803882) Attached to: NetBSD Project Calls for Donations
I would say that FreeBSD makes a better desktop for me because of the frequent updates to the ports tree. I like having Gnome 2.10 installed and having 2.12 probably ready a few weeks after its release.
Yes, that's why I use it as my dekstop OS as well.
My personal wish is that FreeBSD would take the same approach that OpenBSD had NetBSD have with their ports trees and create a security branch. That would give me the size of the FreeBSD ports tree with the stability of the Open/Net Trees.
A security branch wouldn't be bad, but a stable branch is what we really need. I'm very disappointed whenever I have to update my ports tree whenever I see that some port is somewhat broken or so. For example, last time I updated, there seemed to be an issue with glib (not so severe, but still an issue). That was pretty much a while ago. Haven't updated since, as I haven't had enough time. I just wish the ports Just Worked (tm). I know though that it's not an easy task.

As for the OpenBSD installer (GP post), I actually wish FreeBSD and NetBSD adopted it. It's very simple, and lets you do your job very fast. Nothing wrong with the FreeBSD and the NetBSD installers, but the OpenBSD installer seems way nicer. (Yes, I know I said I haven't used NetBSD, and it's true. But I have installed it, because I needed to double-check some bad comments I had heard about its installer - pretty much lies)

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