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Journal Journal: Let the whinging commence 54

"13 Hours"--the movie and the politics

It is also an attempt to tell a true story--that of the Benghazi attacks and the valiant and successful efforts by the contractors to save the lives of Americans under attack. [Director] Bay relied on the accounts of several of the contractors as presented in their book. These contractors also worked as consultants and the film. As such, from what I understand, they insisted on a faithful recreation of the core events, as they saw them.

I've got a feeling that, while the movie focuses on the narrow, local "what" and omits all the pesky "why" questions, it's going to pull enough other voices back into the public discussion to make things highly uncomfortable for Her Majesty.
Will Her Majesty's health suddenly get fragile? Will she decide to spend more quality time with the grandkid? Real hard tellin'.

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Journal Journal: Bigotry 83


intolerance towards those who hold different opinions from oneself.

So, when you have a specific instance of me being intolerant toward an individual in a given context, the "bigot" accusation will seem less a dishonest ploy to silence. Not that one comes to /. expecting anything resembling honest inquiry, mind.
I, for one, completely reject the decadent modern Politically Correct cowering in the face of falsehoods, and think Progressives and their enablers can return to Hell and take their noise with them.

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Journal Journal: Cash is liberty 22

And we certainly don't want either, do we?
Perversely, I think that this is a good thing. The more the Orwellian over-reach, I think, the greater the likelihood of the people rising up and overthrowing their Progressive, Orwellian overlords.
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Journal Journal: So, Statists 3

"The end product here is just cleaning the barn; it's a disaster," [Virginia Representative David] Brat said of the spending and tax deal. "We're breaking our pledge on the budget caps to the American people, we've lost fiscal discipline, and we're throwing it all on the next generation."

And the GOP Elite wonders why so many conservatives are supporting a middle finger with a ridiculous comb-over?

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Journal Journal: More Like: "Collateral Damage in the Commie War on Sanity" 22

Emphasis mine in this little gem:

I do not see the conservatives as having an ambition to destroy me, personally; rather I am a victim of the Conservative War on Science. I have been training my entire life for a position in scientific research, and they are proudly do everything they can to bring science to a screeching halt in this country. That results in my permanent unemployment.

First of all, damn_registrars, if you are experiencing an extreme mix of narcissism, antisocial personality disorder, aggression, and sadism, please seek help. While /. is something of a free-fire zone for trash talking, with occasional outbursts of information exchange, nothing occurring here should be seen as inducement to violence.
Second, what the actual focaccia are you even talking about, "Conservative War on Science"? I don't want to hear another godforsaken word about anybody else's "conspiracy theories" if you're going to leave that kind of upper decker. Science breeds innovation (when not drenched with Frankfurtism), which leads to capitalism.
Third, as far as "bring science to a screeching halt" goes, one way in which your demented notion could nearly begin to try making sense is if you swallow the idiocy that #OccupyResoluteDesk is conservative, and trying to use the non-argument of anthropogenic global warming (or whatever the current focus group term is) as a denial of service attack on research.

Should sobriety ever strike, a look at the economics of higher education might bring some badly needed enlightenment. Advice: cloud computing. It's all going cloud, man. Feel the vapor trail.

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Journal Journal: Astute Article on the Turkey/Russia Kerfuffle 44

A Necessary Conversation

The clash between the Turkish Air Force and Russia is dangerous because it violates the first rule of proxy warfare which is principals don't fight principals. The whole point of proxy warfare is that only the seconds are allowed to cross swords. The duelists are forbidden from engaging each other directly, a convention intended to limit the scope of war.

Read the whole thing.
We mostly discuss international politics as though it were chess, when it really tends more toward of a mafia-driven, mezcal-drenched poker match with arbitrary players every hand.
The ME isn't really "sides" as much as it's a garbled graph problem. Every node is connected, more or less, to every other.
Thus, the principles chosen as a framework for how to react to the current crisis are the least squishy conversation one can have.

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