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Comment Re:Facts? Who needs em?? (Score 1) 31

as you just claimed, then you are also admitting that you[r] system wouldn't be perfect either - presumably you just are more fond of the people who would abuse it than the people who you think are best positioned to abuse the current system.

Any system involving people is inevitably going to be imperfect. Please explain how you think ANY system could be otherwise. Or perhaps you buy off on Saint Al Gore's malarky about "our ability to use the rule of law as an instrument of human redemption".
Thus, what's more important than the inevitably flawed system is the feedback loop that keeps the flawed system from going non-linear and blowing up. Like our current federal entitlements are kind of on course to do.
But the status quo maximizes the number of people who are beholden to the state, and can be relied upon to vote for statist candidates of either branch of the Progressive party.
Don't worry: us old farts that hold to the traditional concepts of liberty will die off. "And the bureaucrats shall inherit the plantation," as the Beatitudes neglected to include. "The rich shall have their Fair Share extracted from them until everyone outside of the Inner Party is united in penury. And there shall be a daily Two Minutes of H8 for anyone daring to express independent thought, even as much as a fence joke."

Comment That there is some industrial strength projection (Score 1) 121

You are looking for someone who will unquestioningly endorse your worldview.

I'm actively seeking alternative worldviews. I'll even take a URL to one. Or you can just pick up your end of, for example, The Communist Manifesto. Or an alternative text of your choice. Bring it. Step up to the plate. Show me something that does a better job of explaining what the meaning of "is" is than, say, the Gospel of John. I dare ya. If you like, we can take a leisurely pass through the Gospel of John itself.

Comment Re:"Giant steps are what you take. . ." (Score 1) 23

namely the pure insanity of even suggesting

But is that enough hyperbole? I realize that being a Lefty requires a comprehensive humor-ectomy, but the need to destroy the possibility of even suggesting an idea rhetorically suggests that you've leveled up in the Applied Fascism category.

Comment Re:Wow! A whole JE! Just for me.... (Score 1) 18

One believes that the Almighty *is* objective truth.
Confronted with a naysayer such as yourself, one cannot get either (a) a coherent explanation of *why* to reject the Almighty, or (b) a reasonable alternative.
You seem to preach the flesh, but so what? Who can tell which heartbeat will be the last?

Promising costs nothing, it's the delivering that kills you.