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The Internet

+ - Anthony Watt's responds to Economist -> 1

Submitted by cluge
cluge (114877) writes "Anthony Watts, author of the Watt's Up With That blog has posted an open reply by Willis Eschenbach in response to the Economist. You may recall that the Economist recently had an blog post titled "Scepticism's limits" covered by Slashdot. That post was extremely critical of Mr. Eschenbach and Eschenbach fires back finding errors in logic and fact that undercuts the Economist's arguments. The entire affair is yet another reminder of the power of the Internet and the diminishing bully pulpit of traditional media outlets. 20 years ago Eschenbach would have had a hard time getting a reply out there."
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+ - Congress hacked - again, botnets on the rise

Submitted by cluge
cluge (114877) writes "Once again the computers used by the US congress have been compromised. This has happened before, and the attacks are thought to come from either China or Russia. Some industries aren't much better, 60% of the computers at multiservice businesses that serve the immigrant community in the United States are actively infected with malware according to one study. The shadowserver foundation says the number of machines that are part of botnets has quadrupled in 2008. Is 2009 going to be the year of the compromised PC?"

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