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Comment Re:"Questions" that remain, not question (Score 1) 266

If Snowden retains control of any information or documents he has _not_ already revealed

It's wildly, fantastically unlikely that he's retained anything at all. He's repeatedly said that he no longer has control of the material. If he's lying, why? It would have to be for a reason that overcomes the bad PR of being caught in a lie. What could that possibly be? This seems more like a paranoid fantasy than a sensible look at plausible risks.

They often leave out details in written documentation, other interviewers may not know the right questions to ask or to report.

Yeah, so? People can infer things from things. If this is an indictment, at the very least, it's against all national security reporting, if not journalism in general. While good journalism might not be entirely 100% devoid of all unfortunate consequence, it's benefit to a free society is far greater than ... whatever you're guessing the FSB is guessing.

Analysis of NSA's abusive practices also provides metadata about the working technologies to follow those practices.

Yeah, and how to defeat them. "Don't fight oppression." "Why not?" "Even if you win, you're showing your playbook to other oppressors." "Uh, I guess, but the alternative is forfeit to oppressions, so ... no. But thanks for the tip." Honestly, I think you're ignoring the important, confirmed stuff so you can focus on trivial fluff and guesswork. I'm not trying to get personal or anything, but your line of reasoning just doesn't make any sense to me unless I strip away all relevant context.

Comment Re:"Questions" that remain, not question (Score 1) 266

How much additional information does Snowden have squirreled away in dead drops, that will be revealed if he is killed or imprisoned?

None. As Snowden himself has repeatedly explained, that would be fucking stupid. Lots of people want to see more of the documents than Snowden is willing to show, and those people could get their wish simply by killing him, if he had some kind of deadman's switch set up. He's not dumb enough to incentivize his own murder.

How much information can Russian personnel gather about subtle policies of NSA, by indirect deduction of what Snowden says to press or to his handlers?

Well, if Snowden's saying it to the press, I'm not sure the Russians will be able to deduce any more than the Chinese or Saudis or anyone else. Not sure why you think Russia's intelligence community has privileged access to news published for public consumption.

What has, or can, the NSA do to protect its revealed policies and assets?

Hopefully not much. What many people are hoping, is that its policies will change instead of being protected.

What inspiration do minor details about NSA monitoring provide for Russian surveillance?

Uh, are we accusing him of inspiration via minor details now? That's ... pretty specious. Just gonna leave it at that.

Comment Re:I still don't care (Score 1) 232

He's ill at ease with being the product Facebook sells to its customers, and skeptical of Facebook's ability to treat its product (its users' eyeballs) like paying customers. Seems reasonable to me. I want to know exactly what category I fall into when I deal with a company. If I'm the product, fine, I have one set of expectations. If I'm the customer, fine, I have a different set. I don't know what to make of attempting to blend those, and I don't blame anyone for being apprehensive about how that might turn out. Probably not fair to put that on par with "despair" at all, much less "the earth's quota of despair." It's a pretty small proportion of the earth's deflated enthusiasm.

Submission + - Russia's "limited nuclear strike" doctrine may be at work in the Ukraine (

Lasrick writes: The Russian doctrine of "limited nuclear strike" may be part of what is dictating restraint as the West tries to formulate a response to the Ukraine crisis.Vladimir Putin, then-secretary of Russia’s Security Council, began formulating this doctrine during the Kosovo conflict, when it became apparent that the conventional military power of the US grossly outstripped that of Russia's. 'Such a threat is envisioned as deterring the United States and its allies from involvement in conflicts in which Russia has an important stake, and in this sense is essentially defensive. Yet, to be effective, such a threat also must be credible. To that end, all large-scale military exercises that Russia conducted beginning in 2000 featured simulations of limited nuclear strikes.'

Comment Re:Still requires an "advanced" user skillset (Score 1) 295

Uh, the AC I'm criticizing was succinct in expressing his point, which was that people who spell Linux in all-caps don't know enough about Linux to comment. Perhaps I've misunderstood ...

The fact that you spelled "linux" in all-caps gives away the fact that your experience with linux is very limited. Oddly, you have rather strong opinions for someone with limited experience.

Seriously, that's the whole thing. I'm afraid that to me, it still sounds like being a spelling Nazi was the totality of his point.

Comment Re:Still requires an "advanced" user skillset (Score 1) 295

Yeah, but when a word is generally spelled in title case, you can't spell it all lowercase while actively mocking someone else for using uppercase. It's a bit of a cheap shot in the first place, and with the element of hypocrisy thrown in, it's pretty hard to resist saying something.

Comment Steam/GoG/HB (Score 2) 295

I must admit, I don't do gaming on my Linux rig, but ... aren't there major 3D games being published for Linux via Humble Bundles, Steam, GoG, and no doubt others as well? Is this a support nightmare for those companies? And if not, how is it that they can work with GPUs in Linux, but the living gods of code over at Google can't hack it? I'm at work and can't be bothered to look up compelling examples, but I'm pretty sure The Witcher 2 runs on Linux, and that's a pretty GPU-intensive title. When something like this doesn't add up, it usually means I'm missing something. Like maybe Witcher 2 requires a specific distro that uses proprietary drivers or something, but Google's talking about Linux in general? Can anyone clue me in?

Comment Re:MechWarrior Online, while waiting for Star Citi (Score 1) 669

I wanted to like Hawken, but to me, there was no sense whatsoever of being in a vehicle. You accelerate like a person, you run like a person, you stop like a person. I didn't feel like I was in a mech, I felt like I was wearing a weird helmet and had a jetpack. Nothing wrong with that, I guess, but I went in looking for a mech game, and Hawken simply is not a mech game, it's a straightforward first-person shooter where the player models look like mechs.

Comment Re:Skyrim (Score 1) 669

DCS World. The game (with one plane, a Russian Su-25 ground attack aircraft) is free on Steam, with other aircraft available as modules. Although it's still in beta, I recommend the UH-1 Huey module. I just take off and cruise around. Sometimes I'm doing 200kph just ten feet above the ground, sometimes I soar up and over mountains and drift down into canyons at a lazy 60kph and then touch down on a rooftop in a small town. Sometimes I stick some enemy trucks a couple hundred kilometers away, and when I notice them, I tell the gunners to fire at will, just so I can see four miniguns firing before calling it a night. It's very immersive and relaxing. (It has a campaign, but if I just want to chill, I use the mission editor to create a mostly-empty map.)

Comment Re:Better question (Score 1) 100

Because they said they're slowing down, not backing down. We say "scrap the whole thing, it can't be saved" and they say "we won't force it down your throat until we think we can get away with it." Until they give a little more ground than that, we'll have to keep pointing out that what they're saying and doing are unacceptable.

Comment Re:Movin on Down (with DIcE)! Beta Sucks. (Score 1) 207

I was an avid /.'er for a good decade and change before wandering off for a while. I've been popping by to lurk, but hadn't posted a comment in years. This beta thing is really disturbing. I thought I could always come home to Mother Slashdot. I thought /. was invincible. I thought it would Always Be, that it could not be undone, that the mutual gravity we all create would bind Planet Slashdot together forever. I forgot that there are Stupidity Supernovas that can scatter our electrons far and wide.

It looks like that's probably going to happen, but let's try to coalesce afterwards. We'll create a lot more light as a star than a nebula.

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