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Comment: Re:The space race isn't over... (Score 0, Offtopic) 297

by clt829 (#29904577) Attached to: Russia Develops Spaceship With Nuclear Engine

And what happens if the nuclear part were to separate over the United States and accidentally detonate? Oops!

It would be devastating of course. The US economy would collapse, and then the entire world economy would collapse with it. Imagine the aftermath of 9/11 multiplied a thousand fold. Russia would fall in to chaos as first it's economy, then its government crumbled.

The big countries understand they are too interconnected to directly war each other. That's why we have Afghanistan.

Comment: Re:question for you: (Score 1) 430

by clt829 (#29780797) Attached to: On the Efficacy of Flu Vaccine

Even if I'm immunized, can't I be a carrier?

I am not a doctor, blah, blah...

I don't think you can be a carrier of a virus the way you can a bacteria (i.e. Typhoid Mary)

The flu is spread through it's own symptoms: coughing, sneezing, runny nose, watery eyes. If you don't have symptoms, you won't spread the virus.

The same good habits, washing hands and covering your cough, should cut down any small risk of a healthy person being a transfer agent between two other people.

Comment: Re:You'd be Wrong (Score 1) 288

by clt829 (#25055275) Attached to: New York Issues RFID-Encoded Drivers Licenses

As for the cloning.. yes, that is of course an issue. But there are always tradeoffs to technology. And there are ways to minimize exposure, such as only transmitting an ID number instead of full personal details, which will be matched to your entry in a secure online database.

It's that "Secure Online Database" part that catches in my throat.

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