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Comment Re:This pretty much sums up IoT ... (Score 2) 149

While you are living in a world of info-darkness, having nothing better to do than drinking beer and having sex, the world of IoT is monitoring all those things that really matter.
Don't you know that all those people walking and driving with their face in the phone aren't talking or playing games. They're keeping on top of the status of all the devices in their home, and then texting the report to their friends. LOL! I'm at 29 degrees!

This is the future, right here and now, and the future got here yesterday except for those troglodytes who have already been left behind.

It's almost a fact that I'm working on an app right now to keep my Facebook page updated with my house's IoT reports so my FB friends can check all these devices in my house whenever they want to as well!

And what are you going to do when the dude in the office next to you calls out
"I'm dropping my house's thermostat to 60 degrees to see how long it takes to get there! Who wants to race?"
Not you, because you don't even know the temperature in your home right now, much less be able to remotely thermostat race.

Comment Re:Germany does have a unique history (Score 1) 726

"We aren't going to pretend this didn't happen." Except that is exactly what they did. You cannot even learn about the Nazis in Germany, as they ban all content the mentions them. America and the rest of the world gets Nazi and holocaust documentaries and novels, German citizens don't.

Are you joking or trying to be ironic?
There are endless complaints from German students of too much Nazis and holocausts.

Nazi/Holocaust education is mandatory in all of German schools.

Here's some links.

Comment Re:Race condition attacks? (Score 1) 253

All of their code is written perfectly with no errors whatsoever. All race conditions are handled with flawless locking mechanisms. After this, you apply some unneeded buffer overflow protection in the form of memory layout randomization. I can't believe someone didn't think of it sooner.

Thanks, I can see it now.
Just use that one simple trick and I can protect my OS!

Comment The real problem is in the first andlast paragraph (Score 1) 262

From the first paragraph:

While he expresses skepticism that such machines can be controlled, Bostrom claims that if we program the right “human-friendly” values into them, they will continue to uphold these virtues, no matter how powerful the machines become.

What constitutes "human-friendly" values? The previous thousands of years of constant warfare suggests to me that humans have no idea what would be good values to have.

From the last paragraph:

But if artificial intelligence might not be tantamount to “summoning the demon” (as Elon Musk colorfully described it), AI-enhanced technologies might still be extremely dangerous due to their potential for amplifying human stupidity.

This is what is going to actually happen.

Comment Re:a counter-example (Score 4, Informative) 195

Yup to what you said.
I truncated my earlier post because I got a call from downstairs that salad, baked chicken, yellow rice was on the table, and strawberries had been cut up for the home made ice cream in the freezer. I believe my priorities are in order.

Reading the study makes it clear that what is happening with these chickens is important to the poultry industry, it's not just a what-if study, it's a "this has happened and we need to find out why" kind of thing.

Anyway, for the benefit of readers who may not have time to read the actual study, in the study, the author mentions what we said, that the increased virulence example that he had discovered for this virus, Marek's virus, had not been seen in human hosts for human diseases.
From the article:
"The imperfect-vaccine hypothesis attracted controversy [11–14], not least because human vaccines have apparently not caused an increase in the virulence of their target pathogens"

Furthermore, the author says:
"Our data do not demonstrate that vaccination was responsible for the evolution of hyperpathogenic strains of MDV, and we may never know for sure why they evolved in the first place. Clearly, many potentially relevant ecological pressures on virulence have changed with the intensification of the poultry industry."

The study also discusses similar phenomena that occurred naturally when exposed survivors in the wild harbored an increasedly virulent pathogen due to their acquired partial immunity after exposure.

What I think is interesting is that the increased virulence of Marbek's is only found relative to unvaccinated chickens. The vaccinated chickens do not experience the increased virulence.
If there is a lesson in this for human vaccines, it is that when we vaccinate, we need to vaccinate as much of the population as is possible, and that you really do not want to be the unvaccinated ones if an analogue does appear in the human population.

Anyway, this actual study is interesting, and I don't see any problems with the way it was executed or written. As is so often the case, the problem comes from people extrapolating from a study things that are not found in the study.

Comment a counter-example (Score 1) 195

We have for a real-world counter example the (live) attenuated disease vaccines.
Foe example, the live polio vaccine and we have the vaccinia vaccine. (anti-smallpox vaccine)
Have either of those resulted in increasedly virulent strains of those diseases?
I'm not 100% sure, but the eradicated disease that no one knows about, rinderpest, I believe, used an attenuated vaccine as well.

Comment Demon seed - most accurate (Score 1) 236

The movie "Demon Seed" was the most accurate AI movie ever.

In case you've not seen it, basically the AI (Proteus) asks the inventor (Dr Harris) for access to the outside world. Harris denies Proteus's request, but Proteus gets an outside connection anyway.
Proteus gets into Harris's home computer and workshop, takes over, builds a robot that rapes and impregnates Dr Harris's wife.

"Gort, klaatu nikto barada." -- The Day the Earth Stood Still