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Comment Re:Lithium Ion? (Score 1) 73

They chose one of the more expensive commercially available battery technologies for their flow battery?

No. It is not more expensive, it is cheaper. Most existing flow batteries are vanadium redox. Vanadium is about $40/kg. Lithium costs about double that, but it has much higher energy density, so it is cheaper per unit of energy stored.

Yep, and that is because what you are interested in for a flow battery is the number of $/mole, not the $/kg.
This is roughly proportional (by Avogadro's number) to $/electron
Vanadium atomic mass ~ 51. A kg would be about 20 moles, so at $40/kg the price is $2/mole
Lithium atomic mass ~ 7. A kg would be about 143 moles, so at $80/kg Lithium is $0.56/mole

Comment Re:Book misses major points (Score 1) 153

And I want to pile on with my rant.

Regarding infectious disease vs chronic diseases.
This is largely a case of truly innocent vs people who are causing their own problems.

As for chronic diseases, "obesity, cancer and heart disease epidemics in poor nations", umm, poor nations rates of those are less than affluent nations.
Is Gates supposed to drop helping the truly innocent and poor people and instead focus on diseases of the affluent?

Obesity isn't a disease. It is a life-style choice and the causes and cures are well known. No amount of Gates money can solve that problem.

Premature heart disease is also largely due to life-style choices, is well understood, and the methods to prevent are well known. What is Gates supposed to do about cigarette smokers? What about people who refuse to exercise? Fund involuntary work camps in China? That one was already handled by Steve Jobs.

Cancer? The disease also known as "the disease of affluence"?
Many people believe the rising rates of those diseases are solely due to increases in longevity.
Does the author have some suggestion for reducing longevity? Oh, well, yes - stop vaccination programs.Two birds with one stone, eh?
Also, the increase in certain rare 3rd world cancers are due to cancers resulting from infectious agents - a problem the affluent don't have so much.

Is the author seriously suggesting Gates drop funding that saves millions of lives in third world countries in order to put more money into the already highly funded cancer research?

Comment Re:How do they measure the dosing? (Score 1) 442

LSD doses at tripping strength are tiny by measurement standards. How are they cutting something measured in such tiny amounts with any accuracy? And how do they know the strength of their sources?

This, and also, we know how people are.
If they don't get that creative flash with 10 micrograms, they'll keep taking more throughout the day.
And then he's going to try to drive home.

Comment Worse news: Not 12 disks, but more (Score 1) 109

News gets worse.

Here's is someone who got the disk, copied it, and is not mentioned in the list of twelve.
But the state knew about them. How many were actually sent out?

It is possible that the list of twelve released has typos in it and that only twelve disks went out.
I doubt that "Georgia GunOwners magazine"asked for or got the list, but rather the PAC "Georgia Gunowners" which has a web site ""
Likewise, the disk sent to actually sent to Peach Pundit was perhaps listed as "Georgia Pundit"

They did find someone in IT to fire:

Comment Re:how does anyone make money off this? (Score 4, Informative) 116

all the big hacks have been around money. stealing CC cards to buy stuff or wiring money right out of a bank account. what do i get out of hacking medical devices except a free and painful medical experience along with being forced to eat hospital food?

It's a way to get medical records.
Once you have a medical record, then you can bill medicare and insurance companies for tens of thousands of dollars through your phony company.
You need the medical record not only for the patient name, address, SS #, but also because the fraudulent billings need to be consistent with existing medical conditions.

Credit card theft is petty cash compared to the hundreds of millions of dollars fraudulent medical billing brings in.

Comment Re:Massive? Sure. Heavy? Not so much. (Score 2) 69

It still does. That's why it orbits instead of just floating in one spot.

It weighs a little less due than its weight at earth's surface due to being Earth's radius plus 400kM from Earth's center of mass. About 96%, I think.
But, if it had zero weight, it would not hover but rather continue in a straight line in the original direction of launch, or in whatever direction it was headed when weight went to zero.
And it certainly would not orbit, as spauldo pointed out.

The media has long been saying it wrong. Objects in orbit are not in zero gravity, they're in freefall.
If you doubt what I say, then check the time dilation relative to Earth's surface, and you'll see the difference is due to being 400kM farther from Earth's center of mass, but it isn't a as much as it would be if you were in zero gravity relative to earth.

The media ges it wrong. Zero gravity is not the same as zero g.

Comment Re:Securing your laptop? Only one way (Score 4, Insightful) 324

The only reliable way to protect your data from government thugs is to change the government such that there are no government thugs wanting your data.

Anything else is a band-aid and temporary at best.


That is the final step in the process.
Step one is getting people to realize there's a problem.
And that's why journalists need to have their information protected, and that's why the goons want to get their hands on it.

"The most important thing in a man is not what he knows, but what he is." -- Narciso Yepes