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Why Eric Schmidt Is Wrong About Microsoft Not Mattering Anymore 398

First time accepted submitter Gumbercules!! writes "Eric Schmidt said he believes there is a 'Gang of Four' technology platform leaders — Google, Apple, Amazon and Facebook — Microsoft isn't one of them. I wrote about why I believe he's wrong and what it might say about Google's weaknesses. From the article: 'It's no secret that Microsoft have utterly failed to make significant roads into the mobile market place. Windows Phone 7 has approximately no marketshare (ok they have live 5% or so) and this has actually gone down over the last year. It's also no secret that Microsoft have failed to gain any semblance of "cool" and that they're also managing to drag Nokia down with them. It's not even a secret that nearly everyone who looks at the new Windows 8 interface-formally-known-as-Metro doesn't like it. However this isn't the whole story.'"

Comment Suggested by someone who has forgotten (Score 4, Insightful) 729

Take off the rose colored glasses. Learning constantly for 12 years is hard. Meaningful breaks are very important to avoid burnout and keep morale up. If people want to look at schooling maybe we should reconsider how the school time is allocated but lets not do it from the perspective of 'lazy students, they need to do more'.

Comment Re:How was it not returned to? (Score 1) 503

This process reminds me of an exam from hell, where there are 11 other people all trying to answer your questions. If you want to pass exams you focus on the low hanging fruit and use the remaining time to chip away on the hardest questions. I wouldn't call it obvious to attempt to solve this problem by doing the exact opposite.

Comment Re:lo (Score 1, Insightful) 673

So of your list of important laptop upgrade features the only one you can't do with a Retina Mac is upgrade the RAM. Sure it is restrictive to force forethought of the appropriate amount of RAM to select for the tasks the laptop will be used for however it is clearly a tradeoff to get a fancy new type of fast RAM. Once it comes in a small form factor stick I imagine it will become upgradable again.

If not being able to upgrade the RAM is all the Apple-haters can drum up against this laptop all I can say is this is a storm in a teacup.


Has the Command Line Outstayed Its Welcome? 1134

dgharmon writes "The Command Line Interface has its uses, acknowledged Mobile Raptor blogger Roberto Lim, but no piece of technology targeted at the consumer market should ever require that something be done via CLI, he says. Keep it as an option or you can take it out all together. 'If it is there, it should just be there for the IT people or tech support to use when you encounter a problem.'"

Comment Re:Honestly.. (Score 4, Interesting) 388

I prefer something productive like widely shown moderated public debates like we have in Australia. This could be the basis of an enforced voting question to ensure the voter at least bothered to skim an hours TV. We get away without the voter question as several million of our population watch the shows and discuss it after with those who didn't.

Our two successful formats are 'the worm' and 'Qanda'.

  • In the worm a panel of the countries best media journalists ask targeted policy questions of the two contending political leaders and an audience (either right/left or swing only) controls an opinion graph that is shown to the TV audience in real time.
  • For Qanda a balanced audience including undecided voters and online viewers may ask literally any question and a moderator enforces either a reasonable answer or an admission of some type. The audience and moderator ensure facts are kept forfront so very little spin survives the process without embarrasment.

Ask Slashdot: How Best To Teach Programming To Salespeople? 211

First time accepted submitter greglaw writes "Our company makes development tools, meaning that all our customers are programmers. If you'll forgive the sweeping generalization, on the whole good programmers don't make good salespeople and vice versa. However, it's important that our salespeople understand at some level the customers' problems and how exactly we can help. The goal is not to turn the salespeople into engineers, but just to have them properly understand e.g. what the customer means when he uses the term 'function call.' Most of our customers use C/C++. Does anyone have any recommendations for how best to go about this? Online courses or text books that give an introduction to programming in C/C++ would be great, but also any more general advice on this would be much appreciated."

Comment Re:No (Score 4, Interesting) 175


Furthermore, CSIRO immediately reinvested almost all of this money into developing better wireless technology for rural communities in Australia and worldwide (as part of the NBN project). If patent trolls used their gains for research instead of lining pockets of the rich I imagine we'd all have a very different opinion of them.

Comment Re:Wonderful, but... (Score 1) 289

I watched Avatar in 2D as that was all that was on offer and I suggest an alternative reason Avatar was successful.

It was a well directed, acted, scripted, and paced movie telling a time old tale that was fun and enjoyable.

I'm sure you won't agree as in your world view only technology dictates how good cinema is.

Comment Re:Unions (Score 2) 479

I know school supplies were very expensive when I was young but I'd have thought that $499 american dollars probably covered all of my pens and paper for at least half of my schooling, if not all of it. Where is the rational to splash out on iPads but then continue to penny pinch on basic supplies?

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