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Comment Re:Too late (Score 2) 156

That is actually incorrect. Firefox uses less memory than Chrome and actually has a faster start up time. Chrome treats each tab as a separate resource, which has benefits, but also causes it to be more of a resource hog. The interface on Firefox and Chrome are very similar, so that is an interesting take that you have an issue with that and like Chrome. Chrome most certainly has a lot of benefits as well and I like several of them. However certain addons I like Firebug, do not work the same in Chrome and are more of a headache for me personally. I have tried to switch to Chrome several times over changes I dislike on Firefox, but I have never stayed with it as Chrome still has too many things I don't like. I do still however use it for cloud based apps and a few other things. I also use it to test web apps that I develop, so I am very used to how it works in comparison to other browsers.

Comment Still like Path of Exile better, but it is good (Score 1) 221

I am definitely pretty happy with Torchlight 2 and definitely like it better than D3. Still prefer Path of Exile, despite it still being in closed beta. It is some much more like Diablo 2 than Diablo 3 in the dark style ARPG. I find TL2 still a bit watered down in what you can do. However it is a blast and the fact that it is easy to play via LAN with friends makes it a great addition. Choice is a good thing!

Comment Re:Opera! (Score 1, Troll) 261

Opera people always crack me up. Don't get me wrong Opera is a fine browser and may be better in this an that. However it it was really all that, it would have a much larger fan base. I just do not like it and judging by all the political moves they have to keep making just to survive it seems most others do not as well.

Just because they have had something for a while now, does not mean that Firefox, which is a far more popular browser, getting it is not a big deal. Opera has good plugins, but they have never been as good or easy to use. I think Chrome has already passed them up on quality plugins.

I do empathize though. If Opera would have made better decisions on distribution of the browser freely early on who knows where they could be?

Comment Marketing (Score 1) 427

Actually despite the "love" for Microsoft here, their biggest problem is marketing more than anything. I personally have seen far fewer technology issues or gui issues over the last year or two than ever before. A lot of that has to do with the threat of Apple on the desktop and Linux on the server. However for what ever reason they have not fixed their other achilles heel, marketing.

It is one are they have never been good at and they have not realized that it, more than anything has hurt them.

Apple on the other hand is great at marketing and even better at targeting the MS customers base. Google has their own unique way of marketing, because they own the online search and understand how to get the word out with out commercials. Microsoft? they get more mention on the Apple vs Microsoft commercials than their own.

Comment Equal world? (Score 1) 532

I think it is the start of how it should be. I think a world where you did not have one dominant platform would be for the best.

I could see it getting to where MS has around 60% market share, Apple 25%, and Linux the rest. The only reason I do not see Linux with a larger percentage is because of everything from marketing and bullying by the other two and resistance.

Once you start seeing these levels you start seeing more innovation from all of them.

Comment Reboot? Why? (Score 4, Interesting) 376

The bad thing about IE not having the built in updater is that this patch required a freaking reboot for a browser patch!!

That is just stupid.

The great thing about this fiasco is that I was able to convince several people who had been un-willing to move to Firefox or Opera to now do so.

Thanks Microsoft!

Comment Re:people still make opengl games? (Score 1) 643

That would be assuming that the best technology always wins these battles. I agree that in video OpenGL 2 versus DX9 is superior.

However as mentioned above the nice thing about DX is that it handles much more through it structure making it easier in some ways to develop video, sound, and input.

In my experience DX is easier and more robust when developing games, not necessarily better as far as video.

Personally I have hope for OpenGL as I would love to not ever have to boot up windows anything again.

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