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Comment Its not the actual bomb, its the threat (Score 3, Insightful) 202

I really, really doubt the leaders actually think it is worth dropping a single missile or two on the US, and expect that there would not be massive retaliation literally destroying their country. The US would not sit back after any kind of attack and reconsider, it would be full speed ahead.

Instead, what they want is the threat that they could let loose with several missiles if we were to invade them, and it would be difficult to stop them once in the air. That scares the US populace, and makes them think twice about coming and attacking them on the first place. That is why they make such a big show of it all, to make sure we know they have a weapon they could use against us. That, after all, is really the whole premise of nuclear weapons at this point.

Comment Re:From someone who lives in Park City! (Score 1) 81

Actually they were not on landing when flying over my canyon, as I am a bit away from where they were. Arguable, again, as anything is. Given they are a helicopter, they don't exactly need an 'approach path' beyond fly out over the valley and go down. I am up near the peak of the pass where they are flying over to get there. They were just moving along. They hate to go high above there as that means more fuel, so the fudge the AGL as the 'mean' AGL rather than the minimum. Normally not a problem but at those volumes of traffic it could have been disastrous as visibility over that ridge is limited, and private planes do the same thing in the opposite direction without a ton of visibility. I used to fly an ultralight around there and ran into all sorts of poor behavior on the pilots part as they fudge the numbers. Because this is a pass, that is why they did not vary their flight path. They would have had to fly up another 2k feet.

The landing site they settled on was literally a field in a neighborhood, plowed off of snow. It was on Old Ranch Rd near 224 if you look it up on google maps. It is fairly heavily populated except for that it borders a nature preserve on one side. Why they chose this site was the house is for sale, so they didn't care about pissing off the neighbors, which they royally did. The sheriff's office had over 100 complaints in the first few hours of service. Irresponsible all the way around. There is not even a store anywhere near that spot short of a grandfathered in gas station a fair bit away. It is not what anyone would call rural or commercial. It was smack dab in suburbia, although there happen to be a few old farm fields there for horses.

Comment From someone who lives in Park City! (Score 3, Interesting) 81

Well the issue was actually really simple. You can not just plow off a field in a residential neighborhood, and start running commercial flights into it every 15 minutes. It is the same rules that prevent you from opening an auto repairs shop, or a strip club, or a bar in a residential neighborhood. The only way they might have had a chance at that was to not charge at all, and even then they would be in violation of noise ordinances. You can't just do whatever you want in a residential neighborhood for very good reasons, such as keeping all of the neighbors from killing each other. You are allowed to operate a small home based business, with 2 or less employees, that does not take customer visits (i.e. a store front) in a residential neighborhood.

If Uber had applied for a permit, or even worked with the county, before pulling off this stunt, they probably would have been accomadated in a commercial zone. The sheriff's office considered allowing them to use their EMERGENCY helipad as a stop gap, but once they thought about it they realized that could interfere with their ability to respond to an actual emergency. I know, as I have worked with the sheriif's office and used that helipad. It is not designed for commercial flights every 15 minutes. The debris alone there can be hazardous on a chopper landing, and we would have to walk it before one came in.

On the first day they ran, they also violated the minimum altitude rules flying over my house on approach, as they used a loose approximation of AGL ignoring the mountain peaks. I had helicopters a few hundred feet off my roof ALL DAY long. You try working under those conditions.

The other story you don't hear about is the locals hate Sundance, myself included. It attracts the most pretentious, self righteous, jerks you have ever seen. I literally have had people push me out of line in the grocery store because 'They were late for their film'. Mistake to do to a local as we push back :-).

Uber blew it. They didn't even try to work with the local government, nor the locals, to come up with a reasonable plan. The drive from SLC airport to Park City is only 35 minutes. It is actually quicker than taking the uber from the terminal, to the helipad, then wait for the helicopter, then land in a neighborhood, then drive in from there. They also could have landed at Heber airport, that is setup for private jets even, and is only 15 minutes away. They were selling an image to a bunch of pretentious wanna bes, and Uber got caught. Blade only joined in after the announcement by Uber.

The other thing they did not mention that I have not seen in the news is they originally planned to land within Park City limits. They knew the city would enforce every rule on them immediately, and were told so by the city government, so they moved just outside of city limits last minute. Generally, the county is more lenient, but obviously decided it was in their best interest to enforce the rules after that game. Uber got what they deserved, and should now actually be forced to pay a fine as they cost us tax payers a bunch of money for law enforcement and attorney fees.

Comment Re:Is this interesting anymore? (Score 1) 46

Again, it would probably be like thirty lines of js download from HIS site.... I wouldn't source all the other stuff. UI bootstrap comes from THEIR site again as well. I don't know that it would be much larger or smaller, but I think you would get less 'button pounding' on the CGI if you greyed out the button each time they push it until the request comes back. Also, would look great, work on phones. But heck, you are entitled to your opinion. I don't think the controller for activating those cgi's would be over 30 lines of js code either, if you do it correctly. Let's see:

function LightController($scope, $http) {
function controlLight(lightnum, turnOn) { var postData = {}; postData.lightNum=lightnum; postData.turnOn=turnOn; $scope.requestInProgress=true;
$"", postData).success(function() {$scope.requestInProgress=false;}); }

There is a whole angular controller that would do the work using post (could change to a get instead), and also give you the ability to grey out the button. I even added some line breaks. If you do angular right, it is not that many lines from YOUR site.

Comment Re:Is this interesting anymore? (Score 1) 46

I'm serious on helping you out, BTW. Always willing to do that. It would actually likely reduce your overall bandwidth as you can grab the bootstrap and angualar js codes from their source site, rather than yours. Also will reduce button pushes to a single JS based query push to your server. The whole page would not refresh (although now it probably is hitting their browser cache mostly anyways). So basically the only thing you would push down to their site from yours is a compressed controller script, and a simple angular page. You still eat the video, however, which I am sure is most of your bandwidth. It would also allow you to 'grey out' the buttons once pushed until the request was received so people would know when their action was received. Might reduce multi presses. Just thoughts having developed some very high volume web based stuff in the past. Again, wasn't trying to poo-poo the idea so much but wanted to stir the pot and see what 'the next cool idea' could be.

Merry Christmas!

Comment Re:Is this interesting anymore? (Score 1) 46

Didn't need proof, figured you did it. Mine are controllable from my phone as well, just not publishing the urls :-). I see you posted the proof below already. I would just suggest doing a quick angular/bootstrap front end to it that was mobile friendly. Heck, if you aren't sure how to do it I could probably help you out real quick. Would have more of a twitter like feel to it then. Of course not sure how that would affect bandwidth but with compressed js can't imagine it would do it much as people would not have to refresh the rest of the page.

Comment Re:Is this interesting anymore? (Score 1) 46

Nope, not impressed, and why is this newsworthy???? AC, it simply is not don't do it, but why is this gracing the pages of 'News for Nerds' who have been doing this for a very long time. Besides that, I really wanted to see what slashdotters could come up with that WOULD be news for nerds (See the 3d printing idea above). I am betting a number of people on here could come up with the next internet sensation that was very original and clever.

Again, do what you want, don't care. Likewise, I think it is OK to question why it is news for nerds....

Comment Is this interesting anymore? (Score 2, Interesting) 46

Given that you can buy several brands of light switches off of the shelf in home depot now that are internet controllable, how is this even fascinating anymore? I went to the page and it looks like something from the early 90's, and basically the queue is so backed up the lights are just constantly turning on and off. I mean in my own house I can turn the lights on and off through voice, and even that I don't really consider impressive anymore. Seems like time to come up with something new, or a new take on it.

Maybe I am just being grinchy, but I was doing stuff like this back in the 90's and now it just seems a bit lame. Kudo's for them having fun with it, but I so desperately want to re-write that web page for them in angular or something so it doesn't make my head hurt....

So slashdotters, what would be 'the next thing' that would be far more interesting with the capabilities we have today? We should be able to come up with something pretty neat given the tools at our disposal.

Comment Yet no registration for Ultralights??? (Score 1) 300

The bizarre thing is it is now more difficult to pilot a drone than actually fly a manned ultralight with 5 gallons of gasoline on it weighing in the hundreds of pounds. You can just build one and fly it with no training and no registration. Just head on up into the sky. I know, I built one and flew it for quite a bit. Yet now my drone means I have to register with them, because obviously that drone is much more of a danger to the sky compared to my full sized ultralight.

Go figure. Gotta love the logic in government laws.

Comment Get an anti bark device (Score 5, Informative) 388

If it is for an annoying dog, just get one of the anti bark devices that look like a bird house first. There are several with good reviews on Amazon. They don't work on all dogs, but there often is success with them. It is worth a shot since they are only like 50 bucks, and soundproofing your home is going to cost a lot more.

Otherwise what I have found the most effective is outside vegetation around your property border. Gives you privacy from both sight and sound. Also pretty....

Comment The eastern world.... (Score 1) 600

It is exploding....

It is crazy how a song from quite awhile ago is still so relevant. Somehow it feels that we will foolishly repeat the same stupid pattern over and over again. Simply using some screwed up country for the bigger countries to fight battles, all in the name of the greater good. Seems like if we really cared about solving the problems in Syria we would all join together in a common agreed upon plan. I can't imagine any government standing up to the full force of the world united.

But instead, we are on the eve of destruction.....

Comment Use JOOQ (Score 1) 193

The sad thing is that most programmers are still using simple string concatenation to write their SQL programmatically. In this modern day, that is beyond silly. If you use a DSL like jooq, you get several advantages. First off, all strings will automatically be bounded and avoid the simple injection tactics that most people use. Second, you can change databases on a whim by just changing the dialect. This is great for testing and using in memory databases for unit tests. If people just took that simple step, very few attacks would remain, and they would probably be much happier programmers with far fewer bugs!

Comment Dead Wrong (Score 3, Insightful) 108

Actually, it is about having fun flying as well. Modern Phantom 3 devices can be flown FPV (First Person View), which opens up a whole new world compared to the old RC planes where you can only fly short distances. If flown safely in safe areas, there is little risk that these drones can cause. If any plane if flying below 400 feet over anywhere, they sure as heck better be extra cautious anyways, as there are all kinds of hazards there, of which the random drone is the least of their problems.

Also, there are people like me who use them more for the photographic and video opportunities. Not spying on people like some pervert. That is like saying we should register cameras cause some sickos use them to take spy pictures in bathrooms. That is the vast minority. Do you want to know what most of us do? Here is a great example and explain to me how I could ever catch this scenery any other way:
Drone Flight in Utah Desert
It is just like any hobby. There will be people who abuse it, and the vast majority of people who are just having fun. I am not that paranoid about people spying on me with drones to ban the entire hobby. The real point is registration will do nothing to stop it. People like myself already put their phone numbers on their planes so if lost, there is a chance they will come back to me. The people who are the problems will not do anything. More tax dollars to a solution to nothing.

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